The “unconventional” union needed after voting

Jerusalem (AP) — Israeli electoral authorities handed over last week’s vote to President Reuven Rivlin to break the political impasse, form a government and avoid five consecutive votes unprecedented. He pushed forward with elusive efforts.

Librin is currently tasked with choosing a prime minister. He thinks the 120-seat Knesset is most likely to get the majority. Among the candidates is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Likud and the longest-serving Prime Minister of Israel, who is overshadowing the ongoing corruption trial. These judicial proceedings will resume next week as Netanyahu meets with Netanyahu and other leaders.

The key to Mr. Librin’s decision is which party leader can “gain the trust of the Knesset” and build a “government that succeeds in repairing the rift between us and repairing Israeli society.” Said.

He said it wasn’t the unprecedented five consecutive elections caused by the failure to gather a majority of 61 seats, but what the Israelis wanted.

“People elected by the people have succeeded in hearing the opinions of the Israelites and are wise enough to hear demands for unconventional unions, cross-sectoral cooperation and constructive and devoted work for Israeli citizens. I hope it is, “said Librin. ..

His call for trust comes after a twelve-year split under Netanyahu, who has been accused of fraud, breach of trust, and acceptance of bribes. Netanyahu denied all charges and accused the media, law enforcement and the judiciary of “witch hunting” to remove him from his job.

However, the “everyone except Bibi” faction shares little in common other than opposition to him.

Netanyahu’s religious and nationalist allies are more ideologically united. His Likud is the largest one-party system with 30 seats. But with his traditional nationalists and ultra-Orthodox allies, he has only 52 seats in parliament.

In response to Librin’s remarks, a politician from Likud’s senior party said in a joint statement, “The president does not decide the outcome of the election! He must not be a political actor.”

“Since the formation of the nation, all Israeli presidents have given the most recommended candidates the first opportunity to form a government — and it must do so again,” said Energy Knesset Speaker. Yarive Levin Yuval Steinitz and Minister of Public Security Amir Ohana said.

Netanyahu’s opponents have secured 57 seats, which is also less than half, but the two major parties are not committed to either side.

No party in Knesset alone has won 61 seats. This has forced large political parties to connect small factions with the sometimes cumbersome governing coalition. Leaders are currently negotiating the terms of such an alliance with the Arab Islamic Party, Mansour Abbas Ram, and may play Kingmaker in a four-seat faction.

Librin’s position as president is largely ceremonial, but he has played an active role in previous elections to form a government with the leader and break the cycle of repeated elections. Last year he scolded the leaders and stopped their quarrel.

“” Hold on! Librin tweeted partially on July 23. Israel is not a stuffed doll that drags around when crouching. “

Israel’s March 23 election was triggered by the collapse of December’s national budget negotiations between Netanyahu and his rival-turned ally Gantz. Netanyahu was set to continue his top career until November 2021, and the two took turns hitting the Premiership.

The arrangement collapsed because the government failed to pass the national budget, which automatically triggered elections.

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