The United States is drawn in when the Middle East war invades the UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The wider Middle East war that has long surrounded the United Arab Emirates has now invaded the daily lives of this U.S. ally, furthering the United States into a tense area with Iran. I’m threatening to pull in.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have launched missile and drone attacks since January targeting the seven Emirates, the home of oil-rich Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s skyscrapers and beaches. At the Al Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi, home to about 2,000 U.S. forces, the U.S. forces fired twice with Patriot missiles to thwart an Iran-backed Houthi air raid.

The two cases are the first in the United States to dismiss the Patriot in combat since 2003 and last for almost 20 years. It was also after the Biden administration made a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and declared the end of US combat missions in Iraq.

It casts a shadow over the crisis in Ukraine, The United States now states that it is launching more advanced fighters into Emirates and sending USS Cole to Emirates. The spillover of Yemen’s long-standing war to the UAE puts U.S. forces at the crosshairs of the Houthi attack, increasing the risk of regional escalation at key moments in negotiations in Vienna and raising Iran’s nuclear deal with the world’s major powers. There is a possibility of recovery.

Emirates has been a safe corner of the Middle East since its inception in 1971. During the bloody 1980s war between Iran and Iraq Dubai’s huge Jebel Ali port repaired a ship damaged in the so-called Tanker War.. In the 1991 Gulf War, Kuwaiti fled to the United Arab Emirates, creating close military ties with the United States today.

Subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq saw Dubai accepting wealthy Emigré money and families. However, Emirates always seemed to stay out of range during the war of his neighbors. Part of it came from the founder’s middle-way foreign policy, where oil wealth built the city from sand, and the other from its economic importance. Dubai, for example, was Iran’s major trading destination, despite facing a cycle of international sanctions.

Under Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayid al-Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the de facto ruler of the country since 2014, the United Arab Emirates has taken a much more muscular approach. Nothing is more obvious than Yemen, which joined the Saudi-led coalition in 2015 to support the government in exile against the Houthi.

In 2019, the coalition drastically withdrew ground troops from the conflict as the war stalled and the coalition faced widespread international criticism of airstrikes killing civilians. However, in recent weeks, Emirates-backed Yemeni militias have made great strides in the war, causing the Houthis’s counterattack deep inside the Emirates.

Now sandwiched between sunny product reports and morning jokes, state-owned Dubai Talk Radio opens a news broadcast with the latest attacks. New messages in some commercial segments urge the public not to share “rumors.”This is how this dictatorship, which has already severely restricted speech Sharing videos showing attacks or interception of missiles is considered a crime..

The US State Department has urged Americans to “rethink travel because of the threat of missile or drone attacks.” The British Foreign Ministry severely warned Wednesday that “the possibility of further attacks is very high.” Meanwhile, France will send UAE-based Rafale fighters to “surveillance, detection and interception missions as needed,” said French ambassador Xavier Chatel.

Still, Dubai’s bars and hotels remain busy as the city-state welcomes travelers and businesses. After conducting a large-scale vaccination campaign during a coronavirus pandemic..

But to stay in business, the UAE needs to remain safe for everyone. The state media praises the country’s army and air defense corps. And Emirates has invested heavily in its defense. We use both Patriot missiles and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), which we acquired at a cost of over $ 1 billion.

Emirates used THAAD in two interceptions. This was the first time the system was launched in combat, said General Frank Mackenzie, head of the US Central Command. The United States announced Thursday that it could sell parts of the HAWK, Patriot and THAAD missile systems to the UAE for $ 65 million.

However, the Patriot missile, visible on the outskirts of Dubai, has only been heading north towards Iran for years, with Sheikh Mohammed as the greatest threat. The attack from the Houthi came from the southwest. And on Wednesday, UAE troops admitted to intercepting a drone that claimed to have been launched by a mysterious group that had previously launched an attack targeting a Saudi Arabian palace from Iraq.

This expands the area that needs to be protected by air defense, puts an additional burden on air defense, and can break through complex attacks.

Such attacks have successfully invaded Saudi Arabia with cruise missiles and drones. Hit the center of the oil industry in Buqayq.. The attack temporarily halved the kingdom’s production and caused the world’s energy prices to skyrocket at the highest rate since the 1991 Gulf War.

The United States, Saudi Arabia and analysts have accused Iran of the Houthis insisting on an attack on Buqayq. Tehran denied involvement, but UN experts also said the Houthi was “unlikely” to carry out the attack.

Already, the Houthi has described the Al Dhafra Air Base, the home of major American beings, as a legitimate target.An attack that harms the U.S. military is a parable President Joe Biden wants to refocus on China and Russia.. And the promised deployment of Cole and advanced fighters means that more American equipment will soon be in Emirates.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Wednesday, “They will not only show our commitment to Emirati’s partners, but will also prepare to address the very real threats Emiratis faces.” Said. “Frankly, it’s not just Emiratis, it’s our people in Ardafra.”


Editor’s Note — Jon Gambrell, Associated Press News Director for the Gulf and Iran, has been reporting from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Iran, and other locations around the world since joining AP in 2006. / jongambrell AP.