The United States promises $ 64 million in aid to Afghanistan and promises to respect sanctions

The United States has promised to respect the sanctions on the Taliban terrorist groups that currently control the country and has promised to send an additional $ 64 million in aid to Afghanistan.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United States Department of State, through independent organizations such as United Nations agencies and non-governmental groups, “provide direct lifesaving assistance to Afghans facing the combined effects of anxiety and conflict, and are repeated. Natural disasters and the COVID-19 outbreak, “USAID said in a statement on Monday.

The Taliban hijacked Afghanistan in mid-May and dispatched US-backed Afghan troops in a series of battles.

US troops rushed back to the country to secure an airport in Kabul and allow the evacuation of about 120,000 people, but withdrew on August 30.

Sanctions on the Taliban will be respected in allocating aid, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Washington lawmakers Monday.

“We are experiencing severe droughts and growing nutritional problems. It is very important for us and other countries to find ways to continue humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, regardless of what else. That’s one of the reasons we think, “he said.

“We can do that in line with legal sanctions by directing assistance through NGOs and UN agencies rather than the government. To make sure that the people of Afghanistan are not suffering anymore. We need to do as much as we can, “he added.

The State Department did not name a non-governmental group. USAID did not respond to requests for comment.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of State told the Epoch Times by email, “Our partners have extensive experience working in difficult environments and ensure that humanitarian aid reaches recipients intended. The goal is to implement strong operational risk management procedures. “

“We have not taken steps to ease sanctions pressure on sanctioned Taliban leaders or serious restrictions on access to the international financial system,” a spokesman added.

According to USAID, the United States is the largest humanitarian aid country to Afghanistan. This year alone, we have nearly $ 330 million in financial support.

UN member states announced $ 1.2 billion in aid to the people of Afghanistan on Monday, UN officials said. UN relief official Morgan Griffiths said at the UN General Assembly in Geneva that the fund would support about 11 million people in the next four months.

Funds can go to the Taliban. Griffith said the group sought international assistance in rebuilding Afghanistan and building anti-drug programs.

Some US lawmakers have expressed concern about not giving assistance to the Taliban, including Monday.

“If we intend to support Afghanistan with food and aid, we want to draw certain promises from them before we feed them,” said Congressman Albio Sires (DN.J. ) Said.

Blinken began to react, but Sia interfered with him and moved on to another topic.

Zachary Stieber

Zachary Stieber covers US news, including politics and proceedings. He started in The Epoch Times as a metro reporter for New York City.