The United States should lead the world by bringing peace, “not just supplying weapons to kill children in Gaza”

Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders said Derek Chauvin’s verdict was “accountable,” but not true justice. Joshua Lot / Getty Images

Senator Bernie Sanders said the United States should take a “fair” approach to tensions between Israel and Palestine.

“I think the United States must take a fair approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” Sanders told CBS. Face the Nation Sunday.. “We must be pro-Israel, but we must be pro-Palestinians, and I hope the president understands that.”

“I was happy to see him making progress in trying to rebuild with the international community … rebuilding Gaza after all of its destruction,” he added.

Israeli and Palestinian militant group Hamas, designed as a terrorist by the United States earlier this week, Agreed to ceasefire On France24More than 240 Palestinians, including 66 children and about 12 Israelis, have died in violence.In a statement, President Joe Biden praise agreement.

Biden said his administration would coordinate with the Palestinian Authority to send aid to the Gaza Strip for post-airstrike reconstruction of Israel, as insider Azumi Haroun reported.

In an interview, moderator John Dickerson asked Sanders how to take a “fair” approach in dealing with “terrorists who want to destroy Israel.”

“You have a very difficult situation. You have a terrorist group, Hamas. You have a right-wing Israeli government, and the situation is getting worse,” Sanders replied. “And what I’m saying is that the United States must lead the world by connecting people, rather than simply supplying weapons to kill children in Gaza.”

Sanders continued. “This last series of attacks killed 64 children and destroyed most of Gaza’s infrastructure in the community, which is already one of the most inhabitable areas in the world.”

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