The University of Kentucky mistakenly sent 500,000 acceptances to a program that normally accepts only 35 students

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An overview of the main building on the University of Kentucky campus before the match against the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles at the Commonwealth Stadium in Louisville, Kentucky on September 3, 2016. Photo by Michael Hicky / Getty Images

  • The University of Kentucky mistakenly sent 500,000 approval emails for selected programs.

  • A college spokesman said WLEX-TV “Technical issues” were the cause of the confusion.

  • Many of the students who received the email by mistake did not even apply to the university.

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Less than 2 months nationwide University decision dayThe University of Kentucky made a technical mistake in the tone of 500,000 falsely received emails.

On March 15, the University of Kentucky sent hundreds of thousands of acceptance emails to senior high school students about programs that normally only accept 35-40 students. According to WLEX-TV.

Outlets reported that an error in the school’s customer relationship management tool incorrectly accepted the university’s selective clinical leadership and management program in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Mary Doherty, a third-year high school student in San Antonio, Texas, was among the thousands who received false emails.

“I thought,’Mom, I just entered the University of Kentucky,'” Daughterry told WLEX-TV. “And she’s like,’Oh, I didn’t know you applied for the University of Kentucky.’ And I was like,’Oh, I didn’t.’ “

Instead of applying for the elective program, the other student who received the email told the outlet that he had never heard of the university.

Georgia senior Erin Esping told WLEX-TV, “I’ve heard of them, so I had to google to make sure they were a real university.” Said.

A college spokesman told the outlet that only a handful of students who accidentally received an email were actually interested in a particular program.

“Only a handful of students on the prospect list enrolled in the UK. The majority of these students were not or were not interested in the program. “It was,” Jay Brunton told the station. “Still, we apologize for the communication error and apologize for contacting all the people who contacted us.”

He also said that all students who actually enrolled in the program should have already received their acceptance.

The school reportedly sent an apology and explanation email within 24 hours of the first mistake. According to the Associated Press.

Brunton told WLEX-TV that if a student became interested in the school at some point during the university search, or if he submitted an application, the university’s power distribution management system would include the student’s contact information. He said he could be there.

“It’s a common practice in higher education,” he told the outlet.

I told WLEX-TV that some of the students who received the email by mistake were initially worried that they might have accidentally applied and went to someone else.

“I’m going to hurt,” Texas senior Gabriel Botello, who didn’t apply to the University of Kentucky, told the outlet. “Reading’Congratulations’ for students who really want it, it must have been horrifying …”

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