The University of Sydney reports a $ 106.6 million surplus as the number of registrants in the country grows

The University of Sydney is the latest member of the Group of Eight and reports an operating surplus in 2020 despite the border blockade.

Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Stephen Girton report The university’s operating surplus was $ 106.6 million ($ 82.3 million) last year after reducing costs by $ 257 million.

“This result means we are facing a more positive outlook than we expected,” Girton said.

The university has won stronger than expected international student registrations from people who were willing to continue studying online during the second semester of last year. The successful transition to online learning has increased the number of international enrollments in this year’s semester by 18% over last year’s semester.

The number of student enrollments in the country also increased by 7.5% compared to last year as people working under the blockade are seeking new qualifications.

Education Minister Alan Tudge said the challenges faced by the university sector during COVID-19 represent an opportunity to refocus on providing quality education to Australians.

“After all, the main role of publicly funded institutions is to educate Australians,” Tudge wrote. Editorial For Age, he called on colleges to remember domestic students while chasing the return of their international cohort.

“Accept the opportunities offered by border closures and set up a medium-term course that is less risky, more sustainable for universities, and works the same for Australian students as international students,” Tudge concludes. I did.

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A student sits next to The Quadrangle at the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia, May 8, 2013 (AAP Image / Paul Miller)

The University of Sydney has experienced a “significant increase” in enrollment in graduate programs. This is the first increase over the years, according to Girton.

He also said the improved number of registrations will last until 2021 and will help raise this year’s earnings forecast by $ 202.4 million.

This means that many universities, which previously reduced staff to handle the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, are now in a position to hire, and Girton has better than expected numbers adopted by universities. Restrictions that claim to mean starting to ease savings measures, including.

Australian universities, the premier institutions in the higher education industry, Revealed last year The sector has lost at least 17,300 jobs.

The University of Sydney is the sixth member of Go8 to report a surplus. Another Go8 member, Monash University, report The $ 259 million surplus in 2020 was higher than the surplus in 2019.