The US delegation to Haiti met all three plaintiffs in power: White House

According to the White House, US officials sent to Haiti by President Joe Biden’s administration following the assassination of the president met with three politicians who claimed to lead the Haiti government.

After Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise was murdered, representatives of the White House National Security Council and the Departments of Land Security, Justice and State visited Haiti in response to requests for security and investigation assistance in Haiti.

Emily Horn, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, said the delegation had met with Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph, Prime Minister Ariel Henry, and President pro tempore Joseph Lambert on Sunday.

Mr Horn said in a statement Monday that US representatives encouraged open and constructive dialogue to reach an agreement to allow Haiti to hold free and fair elections.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said the delegation returned to Washington on Monday. She said they briefed Biden on Monday morning.

“What was clear about their trip was the lack of clarity about the future of political leadership (in Haiti),” Pusaki told regular news briefings.

“It (the delegation’s trip to Haiti) reminded us of how important it is for Haiti leaders to come together to unite and move forward,” said Pusaki. “We will continue to be in close contact with law enforcement agencies, individuals in Haiti and various Haiti leaders on future support and how to provide support.”

She said the Biden administration was still considering Haiti’s request to send troops to Haiti.

In her statement, Horn said the delegation had met with Haitian government officials to discuss the safety of critical infrastructure and with the Haitian National Police, who are leading the assassination investigation.

Henry, a neurosurgeon appointed Prime Minister by Moise on Monday, two days before Moise was killed, said on Saturday he was the highest authority in Haiti, not Joseph. The Haitian Senate nominated Lambert as interim president on Friday.

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