The US Marine Corps told Tramplary that he was “the man who pulled the baby to the wall” in Afghanistan. He is currently under investigation, the report said.

The baby is grabbed by a US soldier and lifted over the razor wire fence.

A baby being handed over to the US military over a wall around the airport in Kabul. OMAR HAIDARI / Via Reuters / File photo

  • A video on August 19 showed the US Marine Corps lifting a baby with a razor wire outside Kabul Airport.

  • Corporal Reims at the trample rally last Saturday. Hunter Clark appeared to claim that he was a member of the Marines.

  • DOD is currently investigating Clark’s appearance at a political event. By task and purpose..

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The Pentagon told the trample rally Pulled the baby to the wall“In Kabul, Task and purpose reported..

August 19 video shot during Enthusiastic U.S. military withdrawal from Kabul Indicated U.S. Marine Corps lifting a little baby girl on a razor wire fence Outside Kabul Airport.

Corporal Reims at the “Save America” ​​rally last Saturday in Perry, Georgia. Hunter Clark appeared to claim that he was a member of the Marines.

“My name is Corporal Lance Hunter Clark. I’m from Warner Robins, Georgia. I’m the guy who pulled the baby to the wall. Probably one of the best things I’ve ever done,” he said. ..

“I want to thank all the support from everyone. That means so much and I’m happy to be back home today. Thank you.”

Look at him here:

Clark didn’t say when he helped evacuate the baby, but Clark’s orders told Tasks & Purpose that Clark wasn’t a Marine seen in the August 19 video.

Clark is also under investigation as a result of his appearance, Task & Purpose reported.

“The 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit has launched a command investigation into LCpl Hunter Clark’s attendance at the event last weekend to determine if it violates Pentagon policy,” said a spokesman for the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Kelton J. Cochrane told the outlet.

Cochrane did not say what policy Clark violated, but the Pentagon said. Guidelines Prohibits the US military from speaking “before party political rallies, including rallies that promote party parties, candidates, or causes.”

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to insider comment requests.

Clark wasn’t wearing a uniform on the trample rally and made no political statements.

Baby Seen in the video The Marines later said they had reunited with her father NBC News..

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