The US version of Canada’s Tracker Convoy had a tough first day

Washington — American Reproduction Attempt Canadian truck driver protests A modest number of trucks crashed into the road on their way to Washington, DC, and made a slow start on Wednesday.

Loosely connected organizers are trying to recreate the success of Freedom Convoy, a mission against vaccines that has moved from western Canada to the capital Ottawa.Effectively with hundreds of vehicles and thousands of protesters Taken over downtown Ottawa 3 weeks before the police Cleaned them up..

The lightly rebranded People’s Convoy took off from Southern California on Wednesday with the same spirit. About 12 heavy trucks and hundreds of people gathered in the parking lot of the city of Adelanto for the kick-off. according to Ben Collins of NBC News. Their plan is to pass Texas for 11 days, then move north to Indiana, and then east to Washington next Saturday. It is not clear how many truck drivers are on the full ride.

Meanwhile, another convoy from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Only one truckDriven by the organizer Bob Bolus, a few personal vehicles have emerged. They set out for Washington regardless.

The People’s Convoy will not arrive in Washington in time for President Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, but the Scranton Group will.Bolus said his convoy would significantly block traffic to the district, but he said. Made those comments When he expected more tracks to join.

Canadian truck drivers have become an international cause celebrity because of their shocking success in attracting the attention of G7 countries. Protesters also closed the border crossing, causing great trade turmoil.

Their American counterparts are starting small and may have a hard time replicating that energy. For one thing, their side has already won most of it. Blockades and vaccine obligations have been removed in most jurisdictions as local and provincial governments have succumbed to reopening pressures.People’s convoy Website It claims that $ 465,000 was raised in donations. The Canadian convoy earned millions of dollars from US donations alone, most of which has been returned or frozen by Canadian authorities.

The People’s Transport Fleet also waltzed downtown Washington, unable to park around the Capitol building, robbing the dramatic image of Ottawa protesters partying in front of Congress. In fact, organizers say it’s not even their goal. After discussing with local authorities, the final destination is listed only as the “DC Beltway Area”.

“The People’s Convoy will comply with the agreement with the local government and will end near the Washington, DC region, but will not properly enter Washington, DC,” he said. Convoy press release..

The Pentagon has approved the deployment of 700 demilitarized zones in the District of Columbia for traffic control starting next week. DC police and US Capitol police have requested the Pentagon to provide reinforcements to deal with the truck convoy.

The DC Metropolitan Police Department did not answer the question of whether they contacted Ottawa authorities about their experience with the convoy.

The immediate plan for the People’s Convoy is to stop overnight in Kingman, Arizona, then wake up and head east, hoping to attract more vehicles along the way. Their demands are to end the first declared state of emergency in response to the March 2020 COVID pandemic and to “restore our constitution.”

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