The USC sorority has gone viral on TikTok.This is why they said it was good

Members of the University of South Carolina’s Alpha Xi Delta were shocked when a video they posted on their chapter’s TikTok account began to explode. A million views, and millions more.

TikTok has now proven to be viral, boasting 8.1 million views. That’s more than 200 times his number of students enrolled at USC and his 3 million in the entire South Carolina population.

It has also garnered nearly 900,000 likes and over 14,500 comments. Loved by about 30,000 people.

“POV: Your party ends, but the Black Beatles begin,” the TikTok caption read.

The video was a tribute to 2016’s much-discussed “Mannequin Challenge,” which featured people freezing to the sound of Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles.”

The idea of ​​creating our own version started as a joke, but quickly became a reality. Chapter president Amanda Pommetti said she loved “going back in time” and was inspired by other sororities to do TikTok.

Rachel Bowling, who ran the account and shot the video, said it was done in one go and took 30 seconds.

“We didn’t think anything of it,” Pometti said. “We never thought it would go viral.”

The women said viewers were given a glimpse into sorority life at USC and AXiD’s home on campus. Recording sorority spirit week and graduate recruitment is growing in popularity, especially in Southern state schools. Whether it’s dancing, sharing outfits of the day, or participating in social media trends, TikTok users eat it all up.

“Our girls were really stoked,” Pometti said. “It went viral and I’m proud to represent USC. …It put USC in the spotlight a little.”

During the recruitment period, some people in a hurry watched the video. Bowling said they got great feedback.

Some of the comments made fun of sorority, while others reminded me of old internet trends. However, USC quickly promoted the student.

“Snap girl. I think I dropped something. Our jaws,” commented the official USC account.