The “very toxic” snake was in his Florida home office.Then the police arrived

I watched a lot of videos of first responders rangling snakes in Florida. However, it rarely comes with a soundtrack.

The Boynton Beach Police Department unveiled its own hero last week.

The agency’s Facebook page post includes a brave capture body camera footage set for inspirational music on the night of April 20th.

Clips begin by showing a messy home office with boxes, bags, computer equipment, and paper laid out on the floor.

A uniformed officer manipulates the edge of a broomstick that pecks a striped snake hidden in the corner next to a desk. Another officer wearing a body camera has a large empty cardboard box.

Unwanted visitors wiggle after being stabbed, but are eventually guided into a box next to them. The hall then closes the box with blue duct tape and proudly laughs and puts the reptiles in the cart.

The caption states that the police officer who worked hard to capture the “very toxic” coral snake was Officer Harold Hall.

To give you some ideas of his courage involved in this call: According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, this species is Poison is the most powerful Black mamba is the only snake that is more poisonous than the North American snake coral.

But apparently. Hall was the perfect man for the job. “I grew up with snakes, love reptiles, and have a lot to do with the outdoors and nature,” said the Boyneteen Beach police station.

The hall eventually “rehomed” the animals in a nearby park.

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