The victim told police that Broward’s family barbarically beat a gay man because he felt he had made his son gay.

According to court documents released this week, the forbidden relationship led to an attack on a gay man in Pompano Beach, which was barbaric enough to blind him.

The arrest warrant provides new details and suspicious motives for a brutal attack on members of the Makarenko family. Charged Last week there was an attempted murder under Florida’s “hate crime” law.

Prosecutors attacked a man’s apartment in August with Inna Makarenko (44), Jebhen Makarenko (43), and two of his adult sons, Ole and Vladislav, beating him on a bloody floor. He said he died for 13 hours. According to officials, her parents learned that the victim had a homosexual relationship with me, spurring the attack.

Details: Broward’s family accused of kidnapping and badly beating a gay man left him blind.

The agent found a man who was seriously injured when he was called to an apartment building on an unrelated phone call.

Makarenko’s defense counsel, Michael Grasser, did not immediately return a request for comment. Last week he told Herald’s news partner WFOR-CBS4 that the victim’s credibility was questionable as he waited six months to involve his family.

“Many, if not all, were completely unaware of this person’s shape or shape and categorically denied being in the dwelling for any of the incidents,” Glasser told the station. “So far, there are few remote and persuasive signs that this family has anything to do with this poor person’s injury, and there are no boundaries.”

All four have been charged with attempted murder, robbery, batteries and kidnapping. Prosecutors have “strengthened” the accusations of Inner, Yehuchen, and I under Florida’s “hate crime” law. This means that they all face life imprisonment in each respect.

The victim, who asked to keep his identity secret, had been dating 21-year-old me for about nine months. I slept many times and even had the key to her apartment. However, in the summer of 2021, the victim learned that my father “knows he is gay” and “he was awkward and did not accept him.”

“I also advised my mother to force him to marry a woman,” according to an arrest warrant by Sheriff Conor Ryan.

Then on August 6, Macalenkos appeared in the apartment of the victim of Lincoln Navigator in Yeben and broke into the apartment. “All four suspects continued to hold [the victim] Started punching, kicking and hitting [him] All over his face, head and body, “said the warrant.

“Unfortunately, you are gay of your son,” the victim told Inna while being beaten, the warrant said.

At that point, one of them “grabbed an unknown object and hit his face.” The victim pretended to be dead, the family fled, bloody and died on the floor.

“He said the reason for this attack was that he was gay and was dating me, and the family felt he made me gay,” the warrant said.

Victims who were medically intubated for three weeks did not initially tell police what had happened. It wasn’t until February that the man said that “memory of the incident” had returned, and he wanted to push the accusation.

The man suffered extensive injuries as well as blindness, including concussion, severe bruising, cerebral edema, multiple fractures of the facial bones, and fractures of the jaw. He has had four surgeries and will need at least two more surgeries. According to the warrant, he “is told that he will never regain his eyesight in either eye.”

According to the warrant, he has also accumulated more than $ 100,000 in medical expenses. “This crime was a meaningless and provocative attack on homosexuals just because of the fact that they were homosexual,” wrote Detective Ryan.

Since his arrest, supporters of Macalenkos have launched an online petition to declare family innocence. This page describes the family as a Ukrainian refugee who has succeeded in a door and interior design remodeling company. “The accusation is completely wrong and needs to be defeated and finally dismissed!” Says the petition.

My female fiancé told WPLG-10 that her family was innocent and he was not gay.

“I don’t believe it at all, I have proof,” says Christina Harman. Said to the station.. “I wear a ring that is a type of engagement and wedding ring. I know Alex has his ring in jail. That’s proof for me. We’re in a relationship I know there is. “