The video captures a Wild Road Rage encounter on a highway in North Carolina. “He’s going to kill someone!”

Two drivers have been charged after a video capture of a chaotic road wrath encounter on a North Carolina highway, according to state law enforcement officials.

A two-minute video posted on Facebook on Wednesday, February 9th, after 8am, showed white vans and black sedans rushing in and out of traffic before the North Carolina troopers caught up. rice field. Recording of the person identified by WAVY As Pete DennyProvided a colorful commentary throughout.

“Look at this idiot,” Denny said in the first few seconds of the video. “Look at this guy, guy. Go to the right lane! Boy, someone p —- d someone this morning.”

The video has been Watched over 434,000 times As of 5 pm on February 11, over 4,000 reactions and comments were generated. “Public FreakOut” Reddit PageHas 3.8 million followers.

Christopher D. Knox, a spokesman for the North Carolina Highway Patrol, has identified drivers as Eden’s 62-year-old Jerry Ray Wyatt and Mayodan’s 25-year-old Josh Iron Livesay. Both were charged with failure to maintain lane control and careless or reckless driving.

Their first court day is April 14, 8:30 am.

According to Knox, soldiers assigned to Guilford County first timed the two drivers at 7:20 am at NC 68 near Pleasant Ridge Road on February 9. Wyatt was driving a white Nissan van and Livesei was driving a black Mazda. Mr Knox said soldiers pulled them after “the clash was approaching.”

Denny, who owns TGI Turf Services Inc. and posted a video of the encounter on his business Facebook page, was driving behind them for a few minutes before law enforcement arrived.

At the beginning of the recording, a utility van can be seen turning to the right of the lumber-carrying semi-truck and driving his shoulders in an attempt to overtake Nissan. A few seconds later, I hear Denny saying, “They were there for at least 6 or 8 minutes trying to cut off each other.”

According to the video, the van driver turns Pensky’s moving truck to speed up the exit lane before returning to the freeway, passing Mazda a second time as he approaches the NC 68 Oak Ridge exit. I made an attempt.

“Golly, he’s going again,” Denny said in the video. “He’s going to kill someone!”

After that, the van continued to chase Mazda from behind, changing lanes.

“He’s all on top of that woman. Look, Lord Rage!” Hey, stay away from her, “Denny replied, unknowingly thinking that Mazda was moved by a woman instead of Livesay. .. He added that he was unknowingly driving 100 mph to catch up with them.

When the two drivers tried to join the traffic, the video was cut into another section of the road at about a minute. However, the van is getting too close and you can see a black car running from the road towards the median strip.

I can hear Denny saying, “Hmm, hmm.” “It will happen.”

That’s when state soldiers flash the lights and shoot through the traffic.

“Oh, snap, get M, get M,” I hope it’s the law, “Denny said after the crash. “Yeah! Yeah! Get the baby! Tear his head! Uhu! The good guy wins!”

In the last few seconds of the video, you can see the trooper getting out of the car as soon as Denny passes by.

The driver was sentenced to death after beating a man in a road anger incident, according to Missouri officials.

According to police, an unknown driver approaches his mother, two children, and fires on the Tennessee Interstate.

According to Georgia police, the “angry” driver approached and shot the man and sent him to the hospital.

Police said motorcyclists were shot dead on a road in North Carolina after “jamming” with a truck driver.

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