The video captures the encounter between a Chicago officer and a black woman walking a dog.


The physical encounter between a Chicago police officer and a black woman walking a dog was recorded in three videos early Saturday in an independent investigation, criticism from the mayor, and racial profiling from a female lawyer. Prompted the complaint.

According to Brown’s lawyer, Keenan J. Sorter, a physical interaction between a police officer and a woman, Nikita Brown, unspecified by police, took place at 12:12 am in Lincoln Park. The encounter triggered an investigation by the city’s Police Department (COPA) and criticism from Mayor Lori Wrightfoot, who said he was “quite anxious about what I saw.”

Suter’s law firm has released three videos. One was taken when Brown encountered a police officer and the other was taken by a bystander. Witness videos appear to show that the cop and Brown are physically replaced after the cop confronts Brown because she was walking a dog after the park was closed, Suter said. He said.

NBC News does not know what happened before or after the three recorded videos.

Police said there were no arrest reports detailing what happened before the encounter because the woman was not arrested.

According to a statement from Suter’s law firm, Brown was “cruelly attacked” in a “clear case of racial profiling.”

“He had no reason to approach her. He had no reason to attack her and no reason to arrest her,” Sorter said Tuesday afternoon. “And the best proof of that is that after he attacked her, he allowed her to leave.”

Suter said she told him she was going to leave the park after Brown spoke to the police.

According to a statement, police officers wrestled with Brown, knocked her cell phone out of her hand, and said she was “knocked out of her shoes.”

Police police officer David Brown said on Monday, “Police officers involved in an incident with a woman walking a dog along a lakeside beach until the results of an ongoing investigation by a private office responsible for police are available. I instructed him to be in a managerial position, “the police said. Tuesday’s statement.

NBC Chicago Brown reported that he had patiently asked the public on Monday.

“I want COPA to complete this investigation, figure out what happened, reach its roots, and be able to carry out this process before I can take the next step. I would like to ask the general public, from a COPA perspective, “he said.

Police refused to answer additional questions such as the policeman’s name request and whether his leave was paid or unpaid.

One of the videos, a 22-second clip recorded by Brown on his cell phone, shows a police officer standing outside and next to an SUV. He tells the woman, “Yes, I’ll turn on the camera. I’ll make this an official case.”

The policeman approaches the woman, who says: It’s Covid. “

An unmasked police officer tells her, “I’m trying to handcuff you.” He says as he approaches. “I don’t need a mask. I’m out.”

The second video lasts for 1 minute. I was shot by a bystander from a distance. It seems to show two people involved in a physical struggle and a dog moving around.

The third video lasts 2 minutes and 17 seconds. It was shot from a third perspective, which is closer than the second video.

The video shows a woman walking away from a policeman while a little dog is walking beside her with a leash. I can’t hear the words exchanged between officers and women.

In the third video, the cop grabs what the woman has, what looks like a cell phone, and the woman and the cop have a physical change that lasts more than a minute.

When the cop tries to detain the woman, she screams many times and her dog repeatedly jumps to the cop’s right foot.

The cop finally seems to let go of the woman, and she and the cop walk in the opposite direction.

“I was pretty worried about what I saw. The woman seemed to be off the beach following the police’s instructions,” Wrightfoot said on Monday. NBC Chicago.. “I strongly recommend that this is very easy … it’s about what we saw in the video. But COPA moved this to the top of the priority list and I want to make sure I do this. I think this woman, like the average person, deserves to answer what happened. “

COPA said in a statement Monday that it had obtained body camera videos from police officers and was looking for more witnesses.

“We are undertaking a fair, timely and objective investigation to determine if the actions of the officers involved follow departmental policies and training,” the statement read. “We are responsible for investigating police allegations of illegal activity and, based on the facts and evidence of each case, determining whether they are well-founded. In the event of a breach, COPA Hold the officers accountable. “

Suter said Brown spoke with a police sergeant later Saturday and received reports “while she was still hysterical and traumatized.” Suter said Brown wasn’t ready to be interviewed by a press reporter on Tuesday.

“What she wants and is entitled to is accountability by the City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department to ensure that the situation is properly investigated and that the officer is being disciplined,” Saulter said. Mr. says. Brown believed that “this officer should be fired,” he said.