The video shows a black bear joining California’s beach fans underwater

An afternoon at the lake turned into an unexpected and intimate encounter with wildlife for California beach enthusiasts.

A large adult black bear and three Cubs took him to the beaches of South Lake Tahoe on Sunday, running and playing underwater while about 12 spectators watched in awe.The Cubs wrestled in the lake as they defeated the high temperatures, and it 90 degree hit That day in South Lake Tahoe.

The four bears who spent the day on the lake, along with some wild geese, resemble a spontaneous day at the zoo for those who go to the beach.

“We were all a little shocked,” said Jen Watkins, who filmed the bear. Told to NBC affiliate KCRA.. She said the bear took off in someone’s cooler box before returning to the forest.

Officials at the Placer County Sheriff’s Office told KCRA that approaching bears was “extremely dangerous.”

“When we are in the hills and Sierra, we are in their territory. [Nevada]”Lt. Nelson Resendez told KCRA. “Don’t feed, seduce, or provoke them. And obviously, in this situation … keep away from them … respect their space.”

A The number of bears is increasing It has been found that the Sierra Nevada Mountains suffer from encephalitis, a more fearless encephalitis around humans that makes bears “dog-like”. Since March 2020, at least four bears have been found to have the disease in California.

Placer County and California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials monitor black bears and move stray bears to crowded areas.

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