The video shows a Colorado police officer laughing at the violent arrest of a 73-year-old woman with dementia.



Two Colorado police officers have violently arrested a 73-year-old woman with dementia. After that, when I checked the horrifying body camera image at the police station, I was caught by a laughing camera celebrating.

Two policemen Have been identified As Austin Hop and Dalia Jalari at the Labrand Police Station. They arrested 73-year-old Karenganer on June 26, 2020, after leaving Wal-Mart with a $ 13 item she had not paid for. Garner’s family says she forgot to pay for her condition.

by Denver PostAfter the Wal-Mart staff reported her, Hope found Garner walking home.Body camera Video release This month, Hope showed that he stabbed a horrified woman into the ground and refused to stop walking the road from him. You can see worried citizens stopping by the side of the road asking if hops need so much power.

Police broke a woman’s arm and dislocated her shoulder during her arrest, her family said, and police officers with surveillance cameras watching Garner sit in a nearby cell for hours after her trials. Was caught by the police in the video of this terrifying body camera.

“Are you ready for pop?” Hope told Jalari and other officers who gathered to see footage of the violent arrest. “What happened?” Asked another police officer. “I think it was her shoulder,” Hope replied. These comments can be heard at 48:30 in the video below.

Hop can be heard saying, “I can’t believe I threw a 73-year-old kid on the ground,” but Jalari commented: Body camera all day long. The Third Officer can be heard proposing “Body Come Show” as the title of the proposed TV special, and says “Impressive, Buddy” to Hope.

After publishing the video on YouTube, Garner’s lawyer Sarah Schielke Said in a statement: “I hate this at all. I can’t watch or listen to these videos. I’m sorry I have to share them with the general public. This is traumatic and everyone sees it. I’m deeply upset so that I can. “

“But it often goes to bad police stations, so this seems to be the only way to change them,” continued the lawyer. “They have to be exposed. If I didn’t announce this, the arrogant and qualified toxic culture of the Labrand police would do business as usual, along with the horrific abuse of vulnerable and helpless people. Will continue. “

Garner’s family filed a federal proceeding against police officers in early April. Schielke knew that Garner was injured on Monday, but added two more police officers as defendants in the proceedings, claiming he did not provide her medical care for six hours while she was in custody. Said it was done.

Labrand police took hop off and reassigned Jalari to desk work while the internal investigation continued. Garner’s lawyer said her client had not been apologized by police, police or the city so far.

Police have not yet commented on the new video.

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