The video shows a Florida police sergeant holding a fellow police officer in her throat

According to officials, a Florida police sergeant has been released from his oversight responsibility and is under investigation after being photographed by a police officer in his throat.

Sunrise police shared a body camera video of the November 19 incident with NBC News, but with the exception of the sergeant, the footage was muted with a blurry face.

In a statement, Sunrise Police Chief Anthony W. Rosa said in a statement that when an unidentified sergeant arrived and became aggressive with him, police officers were accused of violent felony “in words and bodies. “Resist” was arresting the suspect.

The chief said the sergeant had “escalated” the encounter by the suspect sitting in a patrol vehicle and arguing verbally.

Police body camera footage showed the sergeant bowing in a patrol vehicle and talking to the suspect, holding a can of pepper spray, but he did not deploy it.

Rosa called the sergeant’s actions “inappropriate and unprofessional,” and said he “unnecessarily raised the suspect’s attitude.”

A worried officer ran towards the sergeant and pulled him behind his duty belt, Rosa said.

The video footage shows the sergeant stepping on the back pedal and looking back when pulled by an officer. According to the clip and the chief’s statement, he then momentarily puts his hand on the policeman’s throat and pushes her back until her back hits a nearby police car. After that, the sergeant leaves.

Rosa said the police officer who pulled the sergeant followed the department’s policies and procedures that required intervention in the event of “imminent fear of escalating the engagement unnecessarily.”

The police chief said he immediately exempted the sergeant from responsibility for oversight and ordered an ongoing internal investigation after hearing about the incident.

According to Rosa, the sergeants involved did not contact or supervise the personnel of their subordinates.

“I am very proud of the police officers involved in this case and believe that the actions taken were decisive and empirical for good leadership in tense situations,” Rosa said. ..

He expects Sunrise officers to “escalate emotionally accused situations” and intervene if officers lose control or behave inappropriately in interacting with the general public. He said he was.