The video shows a neighbor using a sledgehammer to break through a wall and rescue an elderly woman in a Belgian flood.


An old woman rescued from a flooded house

An elderly woman was rescued from a flooded Belgian house. Omar Echakiri via Storyful / ABCNEws

  • The dramatic video shows the moment when an elderly woman was rescued from a flooded house in Belgium.

  • The woman’s neighbor used a hammer to break the wall and pulled her to a safe place.

  • Belgium and Germany were hit by historic floods, killing more than 150 people.

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Dramatic video It shows the moment when a neighbor smashed a wall with a sledgehammer and saved an elderly woman from her. Flooded house Thursday in Verviers, Belgium.

An unidentified woman was trapped in an apartment on the ground floor as floods began to occur. The video shows a man using a big hammer to pierce a wall and then pulling her to a safe place.

Another man comes to help and helps the woman carry the woman through the waist-high brown water to the stairs.

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After she was rescued, the woman was taken to a higher level bed in the building where she could rest, NowThis reported.

Watch the full video below.

This week Belgium and Germany Catastrophic flash flood More than 150 people have already died.

Germany suffered the worst blows as houses collapsed. The street turned into a river, And people Trapped in their roof I had to be rescued by helicopter.

Nearly 900 military personnel joined the German rescue team as about 1,300 were reported still missing. The Guardian reported.

In Belgium, the death toll has increased to 23. According to the Associated Press. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crew Tweet That he mobilized national emergency services.

Heavy rains continue to hit parts of France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands over the weekend.

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