The video shows a Virginia police officer holding a uniformed Black Army officer with a gun and spraying him with pepper during a traffic outage.


Virginia cop

Caron Nazatio was pulled by police during a traffic outage on December 5, 2020 in Windsor, Virginia. Ali Weatherton / 13News Now via Twitter

  • Lieutenant Black Army has allegedly assaulted Virginia police officers during a traffic outage last year.

  • Body camera footage shows two police officers locating a lieutenant with a gun and spraying pepper.

  • The lieutenant’s lawyer said his client was “obviously unsuccessful” after the incident.

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U.S. Army Lieutenant sues two Virginia police officer He was shot, sprayed with pepper, and thrown to the ground during an illegal traffic outage last year.

Caron Nazario, a black and Latino man who is a second lieutenant U.S. Army Medical CorpsOn December 5, 2020, when police pulled him, he was driving home from his place of work, said lawyer Jonathan Arthur. Associated Press on Friday.

Police officers identified as Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker later claimed that Nazario had colored the windows and pulled Nazario because of the lack of a rear license plate.

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According to reports included in the proceedings, Crocker wirelessly reported that the driver was “escaping the police” and that it was considered a “risk traffic outage.” The Washington Post reported.

According to AP, Nazario wasn’t trying to escape the police at the time, but to explain that he wanted to stop in a bright place “for the safety and respect of the police”.

The lawsuit states that the license plates were visible by the time the two police officers arrived at the SUV.

Body camera footage of the incident shows a policeman screaming in Nazario to get out of the car. “Honestly, I’m afraid to go out,” said Lieutenant Army, who can be seen holding his hand in the air.

One of the policemen holding a gun on Nazario’s face replied, “That’s right!”

At one point, Gutierrez threatened a graduate of the University of Virginia with “stopping lightning.” The AP reported that this was a reference to the electric chair, which is also the line of the movie “The Green Mile” about a black man facing the execution.

“I don’t want to wear a seatbelt. Please.” Nazario says his hands are shaking. “My hands are out, please-look, this is really messed up.”

In proceedingsA police officer filed earlier this month said, “I approached the car with a gun, gave the uniformed soldier opposition instructions, and then sprayed him with pepper-all against various charges and level violations. violence” Complex report.

Look at the moment below:

Nazario sued Gutierrez and Crocker, alleging infringement of constitutional rights under the Fourth Amendment and the First Amendment. When asked about Nazario’s condition after the incident, Arthur told AP, “He’s definitely not doing very well.”

The proceedings stated: “These cameras captured footage of behavior consistent with law enforcement officers’ disgusting national trends …”

According to the Washington Post, both Mr. Gutierrez and Mr. Crocker filed reports with “almost identical” misrepresentations, the proceedings said.

Their report of the case claimed that when Nazario tried to kick him out, Nazario refused to show his hand and slapped them.

According to AP, Crocker and Gutierrez are still working in this department.

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