The video shows a woman kicking, spitting, and pulling the hair of an airplane passenger after being called for not wearing a mask.

A woman attacks passengers on board Ryanair
Screenshots of a video of Ryanair passengers assaulting other passengers verbally and physically. Spentiquel / YouTube

A woman attacking a passenger was filmed after being summoned for not wearing a mask on board. The New Zealand Herald report.

The viral footage shows a woman wearing a face mask on her chin verbally assaulting passengers.

Amid heightened tensions, she can be seen pulling a woman’s hair and spitting on others on Ryanair’s flight from Ibiza to Milan Bergamo on May 26.

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Later in the clip, the crew attempts to escort her from the plane. Kicking two men while being held down.

“The crew on this flight from Ibiza to Bergamo, Milan (May 26) requested police assistance on arrival after the passengers were confused on board,” a Ryanair spokeswoman told Insider. Told.

The aircraft landed successfully and police deleted the person at Milan Bergamo Airport. This is currently a problem for local police, “a spokeswoman added.

Uncontrollable passengers It ’s a serious problem for airlines, Insider’s Allana Akhtar report.

The Federal Aviation Administration, a US civil aviation agency, said it has received 2,500 reports of passenger chaotic behavior since January 2021.

During April Southwest Airlines passengers danced and cheered A couple accused of refusing to wear a mask jumped off the plane.

Late May, Southwest Airlines passenger hits flight attendant’s face After repeatedly ignoring the instructions on board.

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