The video shows an Asian woman, 65, who was severely attacked while witnesses were watching in New York.

A 65-year-old Asian-American woman was repeatedly kicked outside a luxury condominium in New York City on Monday after staff appeared to be watching the attack without coming to help, according to surveillance footage of the incident.

The New York Police Department’s Hate Climb Task Force is investigating the assault, and officials said officials had been suspended from witnessing the assault.

According to police, the attack occurred on Monday at about 11:40 am on 300 blocks on West 43rd Street in the Hell’s Kitchen district of Manhattan.

The agency has released a video of a man kicking a victim in his stomach and falling to the ground. According to police, the man trampled the woman’s head many times while making anti-Asian remarks.

As the raid continued, at least three people in the lobby of the apartment waited and watched a video of the incident unfolding. The footage showed that the perpetrator had left and one of them closed the door, leaving the woman on the ground.

“The victim was seriously injured and was taken to NYU Langone Hospital by EMS,” police said in a statement.

The agency has released photos of a large number of men. The police want someone to help identify him.

At the beginning of Tuesday, the Brodski organization that manages luxury condominiums Instagram “Condemn all forms of violence, racism, alien exclusion, and violence against the Asian-American community.”

The company added that “staff who witnessed the attack were suspended until an investigation was conducted in collaboration with the union,” and worked to identify “third-party vendors that existed during the incident to take appropriate action.” He added that he was.

Authorities blamed the attack.

Corey Johnson, Chairman of the New York City Council, said: twitter The attack was “absolutely vulgar”.

“These attacks on Asian-American New Yorkers must end,” he tweeted. “Hatred is not here. We must evoke it whenever we see it.”

Scott Stringer, a New York City financial auditor and mayoral candidate, called the attack “absolutely disgusting.”

“Asian Americans belong to New York and are an integral part of our city,” Stringer said. Tweet.. “We have to keep speaking, we have to keep protecting our AAPI neighbors, and we have to act on #StopAsianHate right away.”

Grace Meng, DN.Y. Covid-19 Leading Laws to Fight Hate Crimes Related to PandemicsThe video said it embodied a lack of empathy for Asian Americans.

“We are now seen as subhumans from the invisible,” Meng said. Tweet.. “We just want to be seen as Americans like everyone else.”

The case is Two violent attacks captured by the camera New York City on Monday, and the latest waves Crime against Asian Americans Nationwide.

Earlier this month, an analysis of police station statistics revealed that the United States had a significant experience. Rapid increase in anti-Asia hate crimes Last year it was held in 16 major cities.

Hate crimes fell by 7% overall in 2020, but crimes targeting Asians increased by nearly 150%, according to an analysis released by the Center for Hatred and Radicalism at California State University, San Bernardino. Did.

New York accounted for the largest surge from 3 in 2019 to 28 in 2020, with anti-Asia hate crimes up 833%.