The video shows hundreds of blackbirds falling from the sky and colliding with the pavement.

Hundreds of blackbirds were seen in a video of falling from the skies of Mexico and hitting a pavement. Some died in the shock.

Some wondered if the situation surrounding the event was pollution or 5G on social media.But animal experts Told the guardian It was probably the predatory birds that led the flock to the ground.

The security camera footage recorded the incident on February 7th. Local paper El Herald de Chihuahua.. Residents of the community saw hundreds of blackbirds dead on the streets and sidewalks and called the police.

Dr. Richard Broughton, an ecologist at the UK Center for Ecology and Literature, told Guardians that he believed that there were birds of prey that chased birds and drove them to the ground.

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“It looks like birds of prey like falcons and hawks are chasing the flock like starling tweets. They crashed because the falcon was forced low,” he said. “At first, you can see that it behaves like a wave, as if it were washed away from above.”

Other possible causes of strange falls include birds inhaling toxic smoke from nearby heaters or standing on overloaded power lines.

2014, bird It continued to fall from the sky in St. Louis, Mississippi. After they eat insects and larvae from contaminated soil. Decades of pollution at a nearby chemical plant earlier led to forensic research that discovered lethal levels of DDT in collected birds.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Hundreds of birds dead after falling from the skies of Mexico: viral video

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