The video shows Jeff Bezos interrupting William Shatner’s emotional speech and spraying champagne.

William Shatner talks with Jeff Bezos

William Shatner tells Jeff Bezos about his spaceflight experience in screenshots from Blue Origin’s live stream. Blue origin

  • William Shatner emotionally talked to Jeff Bezos about space travel on the Blue Origin rocket.

  • The video shows Bezos suspending him at some point to request a bottle of champagne to spray.

  • After that, Shatner stopped talking, but Bezos said he wanted to hear Shatner at some point.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin sent “Star Trek” star William Shatner To the edge of the universe On Wednesday, the actor emotionally talked about his return experience.

Shatner spoke to Bezos after landing. I shed tears while looking back About what he said as a profound experience.

The video footage showed that Shatner was explaining his experience to Bezos when he turned to a nearby group and said, “Give me a bottle of champagne. Come here. I want.” rice field. Shatner stopped talking and scratched his head, the video shows.

Look at that moment here:

Bezos then said he wanted to hear Shatner’s story and said, “I want to hear this.”

He provides Shatner with champagne, but Shatner declines, Bezos sprays champagne and cheers from the group, but Shatner is still holding his head.

The footage also shows that while Bezos continued to spray champagne, Shatner receded and turned his back, and Bezos turned to put his arm on Shatner.

Shatner had Described his trip At the edge of the universe to Bezos as “the most profound experience”.

“I’m very emotional about what’s happening now. It’s extraordinary. I hope I’ll never recover. I hope I can keep what I’m feeling now. I do it. I don’t want to lose it, “he said.

“It’s much bigger than me and life. It has nothing to do with the little green man … it has to do with the immenseness, speed and suddenness of life and death.”

It is not clear whether Shatner said these things before or after Bezos requested champagne.

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