The video shows the debate between the trance councilor and the shopkeeper over the sign of transgender opposition.

Star Wars shopkeepers in Washington no longer “give up” on emotions after a confrontation with a transgender councilor.

Councilor Tiesa Meskis, a biological man who identifies her as a woman, confronted Don Sucher on Wednesday over the sign of his store, where she said she was aggressive and anti-transgender.

Read the sign “If you were born on ad ***, you are not a chick” Post At the Sucher & Sons Star Wars shop.

Meskis described the symptom as offensive and asked Sucher to remove it.

She entered the store and confronted Sucher before he asked her to leave, which she did, the video of the incident showed.

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The discussion went down as we could see the two screaming at each other.

“Transgender women are women,” Meskiss said in a video posted online.

“You’re crazy,” Sucher replied during the five-minute showdown.

“I don’t care what they’re doing, but I don’t come here and complain to me about anything,” Sucher told local news station King 5 after the incident. .. “There is freedom of speech.”

He said the shopkeeper had compliments and support for the sign.

“Everyone loved it,” said Sucher. “Everyone took a picture.”

“I don’t give **** about emotions anymore,” he added. “I’m 70 years old ******* 8. I went to Vietnam to fight for all this ****. I have some a ****** feelings Do you think you care? Absolutely not! “

She said Meskis was assisted in the case.

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“What he wrote there was very mean and very negative about who I am and who the transgender women are,” she said.

The councilor finally agreed that Sucher had the right to express himself, but Mesquis said he would choose to do so in a way that would not offend community members like himself. rice field.

“We are people,” she said. “We are ourselves and we all want to be accepted by our community.”

The Washington Examiner asked Meskis for comment.

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