The video shows two giant white sharks eating dead humpback whales off Cape Cod.


Great white shark eating great white shark

Two great white sharks eating humpback whales in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, August 18, 2021. Captain John Boat via Facebook

  • In the video, two great white sharks flock to a humpback whale in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

  • One of the giant predators was a very large species over 17 feet in length.

  • According to researchers, dead whales are a “really easy” food source for great white sharks.

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Two great white sharks were captured last week in a video feasting a dead humpback whale off Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The video was shared by Captain John Boat Facebook Page, NOAA’s Stealwagen Bank National Marine Reserve Tour Company.

Boat tour tourists remained surprised to find two hungry sharks.According to, one was estimated to be over 17 feet long Facebook director.

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“It was the first time I’ve seen this happen,” said Captain John Boat’s John Gogin. According to the Boston Herald. “The people on board were very excited. They shouted,’Oh my god! Wow!'”

See the moments of natural history below.

The event also proved beneficial to researchers who were able to tag parts of the shark for tracking. Eight sharks were seen eating dead whales in two days.

“It’s sad to know that an individual has died, but recording these events is essential for a long-term census,” said the Coastal Research Center. I wrote on Facebook.

It was unknown how the whale died, but it was known to researchers. It was a 1 year old calf, Live Science reported.

“For great white sharks, dead whales are a really easy food,” said Peter Corkeron, who heads the New England Aquarium’s whale research team, Herald said. “A dead whale is like the biggest Smorgas board a shark can dream of.”

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