The video shows where the surfside building collapsed and all debris was removed when the rescue team completed the search activity almost a month after the tragedy.


Two children have a sign that says

Isabella, 3, and Eric Hernandez, a member of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Team’s Urban Search and Rescue Team, work for weeks on a collapsed rubble pile to reunite with their families. Waiting for you on Friday, July 23, 2021 at the Champlain Towers South Condominium in Doral, Florida. Associated Press Photo / Rebecca Blackwell

  • The rescue team ended its search on Friday at the site of the collapse of the surfside building.

  • New arrival video From the Miami Fire Department, it shows the location of the apartment building where all the debris has been removed.

  • Miami-Dade County officials announced earlier this week that 97 victims had been identified.

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29 days later Surfside building collapse At least 97 people were killed and local rescue teams officially terminated their search on Friday afternoon.

Almost a month after the tragedy, the Miami Fire Rescue Team released a new video of the property on Friday, showing that the former Champlan Towers South Site had completely removed rubble and debris.

Earlier this week, Miami-Dade County officials announced that 97 victims had been identified. They believe that only one victim has been identified yet.

Members of the two rescue task forces worked 12 hours after the collapse on June 24, first looking for survivors in the rubble, then for bodies and bodies.

“Providing closure to the family was the ultimate challenge for everyone here. I think we did our best to do that,” said Scott Dean, leader of the Florida Task Force 2. Told. WPLG..

Search and rescue personnel left the scene in a procession on Friday afternoon to the Miami City Fire Department, where they were greeted by their loved ones.

Although the fire department’s role has ended, the county said police and forensic experts would remain on the scene to identify the bodies and retrieve personal belongings.

Authorities have not yet identified the cause of the collapse, Increasing list of warning signs about buildings Documented before the collapse appeared since the tragedy, including a record of structural damage to the entire building.

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