The videos and photos of “Happy” Peng Shuai raise more suspicions. Why the IOC Accepts China’s “Peng” Promotion


“She’s safe and well … but I want her to respect her privacy at this point,” the International Olympic Committee (IOC) relayed, and the message was clearly from Peng Shuai. Indeed, she is laughing in many of the videos recently released by the Chinese Communist Party media. But if my life depends on it, I think I’ll find a way to smile at the camera too.

World champion Chinese tennis player has leveled an unprecedented scale of claim against one of the party’s uncontrollable things, Zhang Gaoli. Zhang Gaoli once occupied the same position as the Vice President. Her explosive post on Weibo (that is, Twitter in China) quickly “disappeared” shortly before her account disappeared. Then she was gone.

For the first time since the incident, she seems to be having fun, but strangely seen in a silent video. But what about the allegations that she endangered her safety and career? What about a retired CCP employee who used his power to exploit her, paying all attention to her reappearance, but later just abandoned her? And what about these “safe” videos of Peng Shuai? Are there any mysterious factors that cause more suspicion than they rest?

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