The violent burglary ends with the shot of a masked man — by his own grandfather, NC police officer says.

According to North Carolina police, a 34-year-old man is in crisis after trying to rob his grandfather in a mask.

It It happened around 8am on Thursday A small town about 45 miles northwest of Charlotte, west of Longview.

In a news release, Longview police said an unidentified grandfather “had a facial injury” during the incident.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that a criminal wearing a mask kicked the front door of the house,” officials said.

“Once inside, the criminal demanded money and physically assaulted the victim. During the quarrel, the victim shot the criminal multiple times.”

The suspect, identified as Jesse Dwayne Gibson, fled on foot and was “later in a nearby hotel with a life-threatening injury,” police said. Gibson was being treated at Charlotte Hospital on Friday, officials said.

The victim told investigators that he was unaware that the suspect was his grandson during the incident, officials said.

Longview’s Misty May told Stateville Records & Landmark that he saw Gibson and his girlfriend at the Romans Motel later that day.It was a pretty bad bleeding.Maze said she was a friend of Gibson and he was “in the process of changing his life,” the press said.

Others at the motel told WSOC Gibson Had financial difficulties I couldn’t pay the rent at a motel about a mile south of my grandfather’s house.