The viral video shows a large mouse sneaking up at a supermarket deli counter while an employee is watching.

Super mouse
  • A video of a mouse sneaking up on food in an Italian supermarket while the staff are looking happily.

  • The store owner was reportedly threatened over the video.

  • He told an Italian newspaper that he was asked to pay in exchange for not being published.

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video Instagram is talking about mice eating food at supermarket deli counters.

Filmed at an unnamed store in the Platy district of Rome, the video has been played over 599,000 times after being shared on the Instagram account “Welcome To Favelas”.

You can see the mouse sneaking into a piece of fish at the deli counter, but the staff behind the counter keeps an eye on it without any effort.

I can hear one of the staff behind the counter saying in Italian, “Must have come in because of the rain.” The Times reports.

The store’s owner, Jean-Pierrot, told the Italian newspaper Il Messagero that he was threatened by watching the video that the first person to shoot demanded money instead of posting it online.

“I paid. What else can I do?” Jampiello told the magazine last week. Times.

He later learned that the video was posted anyway and became viral. The account that originally posted the clip is unknown.

“We closed shortly after learning that the video was on the internet,” he said, adding that mice were rampant throughout the neighborhood, a “continuous battle.”

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