“The Walking Dead” star Khary Payton told Showrunner many years ago that if he was killed from the show, he would “raise his head and die.”


TWD1101 photo. Khary Payton plays Ezekiel in The Walking Dead.

Khary Payton plays Ezekiel in The Walking Dead. Josh Stringer / AMC

  • Warning: There is spoiler before the “TWD” Season 11 premiere.

  • Khary Payton now talks to insiders about his personal connection to the character’s storyline.

  • When Ezekiel died, Peyton said he would just raise his head and ask him to go out.

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Most “walking Dead“Survivors are trying to make the AMC series dead, hungry and other formidable groups last longer. Ezekiel (Khry Payton) is fighting a whole different battle in the final season of the show.

After trying to hide it, Ezekiel revealed last season that he had thyroid cancer. This happened in his family. He searched for a federation with Eugene at the end of Season 10. He didn’t say that, but fans were hoping the group could help with the treatment.

At the Season 11 premiere, during the cross-examination, Ezekiel coughed while chewing on federal military leader Mercer (Michael James Shaw).

TWD1101 Khary Payton as Ezekiel

Ezekiel doesn’t want the Commonwealth to know about his illness. AMC

Ezekiel struggles to hold his breath for about 30 seconds until the last glass of water is given.

This is a master class of acting, a scene that is emotionally difficult to see, especially if there are people in life who have cancer, emphysema, or another chronic lung disease.

The insider asked Peyton, who had played the former zookeeper in the series since Season 7, what he had drawn for the filming and performance of the scene, and took a long break before answering.

“It’s really personal, so I’m trying to find a way to answer that question … that kind of struggle,” Peyton told insiders in early August. “My dad has been fighting cancer for seven or eight years. I rely on it.”

“Also, to be honest, I rely on the people who came to me and tell me about their struggle through this character,” Peyton says about how he approaches Ezekiel’s current story arc. I added. “Yes, that’s personal.”

Peyton asked two of the series’ showrunners a few years ago to let Ezekiel raise his head and go out if he didn’t survive the “TWD.”

Khary payton twd1020

Khary Payton’s Ezekiel lived longer than his cartoon character. Josh Stringer / AMC

Ezekiel lived longer than the amazing cartoon death of his character.

In Robert Kirkman’s comic No. 144, Ezekiel’s head is placed on the pike by Whisperer along with pregnant Rossita.

Now Ezekiel could get another character’s death, the original death all together, or survive the entire series. Peyton said it’s okay to have any consequences for Ezekiel, but there’s one caveat.

“I said [current showrunner] Angela [Kang] When [former showrunner] Scott [Gimple]In fact, many years ago, I said, “I don’t care if Ezekiel lives or dies. I’m prepared for both scenarios.”

“But I don’t let him bow and die when you write him, no matter what you do, you know, raise his head to him, some kind of light I told him to look for him and die, “he added.

Peyton compared Ezekiel’s struggle with some of his own personal struggles.

“I suffer from depression in my life,” Peyton said. “Fortunately, I can now recognize it in my life. I can almost visualize the clouds that flow into my world and cover the sky. Because the clouds don’t stay in one place. I love that analogy. Over time, I can withstand any storm. There is a blue sky above the clouds and I just can’t see it. “

“I give Ezekiel that kind of spirit,” Peyton added. “It reminds me that there is always a blue sky, no matter how long the cough lasts.”

Peyton said he was proud of the bonds he had built with people he had never met for the show, even if he never worked again.

Khary payton twd1020

Josh Stringer / AMC

Looking back on his time at the show and the legacy Ezekiel wants to leave, Peyton said he has relationships with people he has rarely or never met during the show. ..

“That’s why I found a purpose in my work,” Peyton said of the show and Ezekiel’s performance. “I wanted to tell a recordable story so that people who have never met or never met can see it, find relatives and strength, and the spirit of relatives, and use it in their lives. It is. “

“Ezekiel gave me it in spades,” Peyton continued. “”[‘TWD’ is] What I can always point out tells me that is the reason, even if I do nothing again [I did it].. That’s why the purpose is clear and I would like to do it again … The real purpose is to be able to empower each other through storytelling, and I’m really grateful to be a part of it. .. “

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