The Wall Street Journal under the fire to publish a letter filled with lies from Trump

The Wall Street Journal Faced with a backlash on Wednesday after announcing a letter from the former president to the editor Donald Trump Clearly full of false claims about the 2020 elections.

Sunday Wall Street Journal Editorial “Pennsylvania High Court Elections“Well, in reality, the election was fraudulent, unfortunately you still don’t understand,” the former president wrote.

He then provided a bulleted list of “examples” of fraudulent voting in Pennsylvania, with no real experience in evaluating elections. Promoted unfounded claims Of fraud.

Multiple audits of the state’s 2020 election results confirmed the number of votes and a number of proceedings disputing the results failed in court. There is no evidence of widespread fraud in Pennsylvania or other state elections.

The Wall Street Journal published Trump’s letter unaware of these facts.Former president Remove platform from TwitterFacebook and other social media sites announced earlier this year after disinformation about the elections for months, inciting a crowd of supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol and trying to overturn the results. ..

Since then, Trump has relied on campaign-style rallies and tweet-like statements made through his spokesperson to spread his lies.

Media critics, journalists, and political commentators blamed the journal on Wednesday, providing Trump with another platform for disinformation and diverting his false claims as “opinions.”

“Trump couldn’t post this on Facebook, but the WSJ editors collectively decided to put it on their platform. Think about it. And they do it as LTE. At that point, they are magically spared from lying. ” Tweet Amanda Carpenter, The Bulwark political columnist.

Jordan Fisher, an investigative journalist in Washington, DC, Channel WUSA9, It “New Lows” in the Journal Opinion section.

“Today, they printed a false tie of elections from former President Trump – without even a single mention of the fact that their own editors have uncovered these allegations.” I tweeted.

The Washington Post National Correspondent Philip Bump 14 observations were made Regarding the authenticity of the letter, “If the journal explained why it chose to execute the letter without explaining the context, the journal would have been better served. It would at least make an unexplained decision. It may have been clarified to some extent. “He said the paper has so far refused to comment on its rationale.

The Wall Street Journal did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

This article was originally published HuffPost Was updated.

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