The war could end by May, says Ukrainian presidential adviser

The Ukrainian war is likely to end by early May, when Russia has run out of resources to attack its neighbors, Oleksii Arrestovich, adviser to the Ukrainian President’s Chief of Staff, said late Monday.

Negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow (with no personal involvement of Arrestvic) have so far produced little consequences, with the exception of some humanitarian corridors from the besieged Ukrainian city. ..

In a video released by several Ukrainian media, Arrest Bitch said the exact timing depends on the amount of resources the Kremlin is ready to commit to the campaign.

“I think we should reach a peace agreement at the latest in May, at the beginning of May. Perhaps earlier, I’m talking about the latest date possible,” Arrest Bitch said. ..

“We are now at a turning point in the road. Withdrawal of troops and all attempts to reach a peace agreement very quickly within a week or two, or to rake up some of the Syrians. There is a second round, and we also agree by mid-April or late April when we grind them. “

He said Russia could also include sending fresh conscription after a month of training in a “totally crazy” scenario.

Still, even if peace is agreed, Ukraine insists on completely eliminating Russian troops from its territory, but according to Arrestvic, small tactical clashes could remain possible for a year. be.

The war in Ukraine began on February 24, when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched what he called a “special military operation.” This is the biggest attack on European nations since World War II.