The warning about sturgis rally has become tragically true


Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by The Daily Beast

Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by The Daily Beast

In the west South dakota‘NS Meade County, 1 in 3 or more COVID-19 test I’m back now positive, And the average of the last 3 weeks, 7 days number of cases It increased by 3,400 percent. This increase in exponential cases may be due to the 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which attracted an estimated 500,000 visitors to and around Meade County from August 6th to 15th.

Pandemics are skyrocketing not only in the immediate vicinity of the South Dakota biker turmoil, but nationwide. The United States, which is largely defined by the emergence of highly contagious delta variants, Experienced the 4th surge Currently, the number of COVID-19 infections is increasing, and the number of cases nationwide has increased by 64.4% in the last 21 days. (See the note at the bottom of this column for more information on our methodology.)

However, while the southern states have been the main driver of this surge, the recent surge in South Dakota raises special concerns.

The state has seen a 686.8% increase in daily cases over the past three weeks, now more than 10 times the national number. The post-Sturgis rise in Meade County certainly contributed to this state-level rise, but in neighboring counties as well, it jumped from a 1,900% increase in Butte over the past three weeks to a 1,050% increase in Lawrence. There was an increase. ..

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These two counties are also important focus of the rally, which is not really limited to Sturges. And with the widespread participation of South Dakota residents throughout the rally, it’s not surprising that cases are sloping in distant counties, such as Charles Mix County, which has increased by 1,500%.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally represents the perfect storm for superspreading events throughout the region. No test, mask or vaccination requirements.. many(Not allThe South Dakota Department of Transportation reported that it provided more protection against SARS-CoV-2 infections than it would otherwise have because it occurred outdoors. 525,768 vehicles entered Sturges Over 10 days of the rally. A huge number of attendees, coupled with the lack of additional precautions, presented the key conditions for viral infection.

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Dr. Shanker Kula, vice president of medical care at Monument Health in Rapid City, told The Daily Beast that he was repeatedly living in a nightmare.

“I knew this would happen,” said Dr. Kurra. “That happened last year. I just played a lot of reboots last year.”

“No one I know has been vaccinated”: Sturgis Rally Biker Coming to America

Kurra added that 58 patients were fighting COVID-19 earlier this week at hospitals in the area. Before the rally, he said they had “a handful of 5 to 10”.

Currently, the vast majority of new infections in the United States occur in completely unvaccinated individuals, including those reported after Sturgis. However, vaccine intake varies widely from country to country. In South Dakota Low confidence in the government is associated with vaccine hesitation.. NS Elsewhere in the United States.. , Vaccine hesitation is higher among Republicans than Democrats in South Dakota. Almost two-thirds of voters went to Trump in 2020..

Second-best vaccination rates across South Dakota are a fundamental factor in understanding the recent surge in cases. In the United States 51.6 percent of the total population is fully vaccinated, According to the CDC. But in Mead, Only 38.3 percent of the total population is vaccinated.. In nearby Lawrence County The percentage of fully vaccinated residents is 37.4 percent. 26:00 Percent, Butte is still low.

Dr. Kevin Wayland, who works at Rapid City Medical Center, which is not affiliated with Monument Health, said the surge in Sturges was not a surprise. But he lamented that unvaccinated people could endanger even those who fired, and 17 residents infected with COVID in an elderly care facility in the area he said. He said that 15 of them had been vaccinated.

“These people were vaccinated early in the pandemic,” he said, hinting at new guidance from the CDC that vaccine protection can decline over time, especially in vulnerable groups. “They were at greatest risk. I’m very sad.”

Wayland further explained that it was very frustrating to see this happen when the vaccine became available, but millions of people refused to get the vaccine. During the Sturges rally, some attendees told The Daily Beast that they were not vaccinated and would not shoot.

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“People don’t have to be told what to do, they need to know what to do,” Weiland said. “I’m crazy. I need to be vaccinated and wear a mask. This is just crazy, crazy, crazy.”

New infections are strongly associated with national immunization rates, when considering why some large events are considered superspreaders, while others are not. It’s an important factor.

Take Lollapalooza as an example. NS Mainly (although not perfect) outdoors The four-day music festival in Chicago, which took place from July 29th to August 1st, responded to demographics that were completely different from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Despite hosting more than 100,000 individuals daily at the festival, all signs suggest Lollapalooza Superspreader event did not occur..This is by the organizer of Lollapalooza Active partnership with Chicago Public Health Service (CDPH)-Requires either vaccination proof or COVID-19 test negative within 72 hours prior to attendance, 90% of participants were completely vaccinated.. Moreover, I needed a mask in the indoor space The last two days of the event (again under the advice of CDPH).

Swiss cheese model with pandemic protectionPrecautions such as tests, masks, and vaccinations work together to protect against infection and perform best in combination than any one of them alone. The reality is that Lollapalooza may have escaped the Superspreading event, and if political will allow it, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally could have done the same.

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Unlike Lollapalooza, which was guided by health authorities in the establishment and enforcement of the multi-layer COVID-19 safety protocol, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was held with the government being largely indifferent to the pandemic response.In late July, just a few weeks before the rally, Governor Kristi Noem said she “Unplanned” To encourage vaccination among her members.

South Dakota Health Department spokesman Daniel Bucheri told The Daily Beast that the significant increase in cases was not unique to South Dakota.

Governor Kristi Noem sends Sturges’ death cult to Overdrive, COVID Doc flee to Florida

“The surge in COVID-19 cases follows national trends experienced in all states, not just SD,” said President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign deputy spokesman for 2019-20. Bucheri, who served, said in an email on Tuesday. “In addition, as of last night, according to the CDC (last 7 days), SD is 31st for new cases and 38th for new deaths. For new hospitalizations, it is tied at 35th.” COVID in the state. It is true that deaths from -19 remain relatively low. In fact, the latest CDC figures show that the state’s average seven-day death toll per 100,000 people is one of the lowest in the country. However, there has always been a delay between the proliferation of cases and death from this virus.

And the degree of political apathy is particularly unpleasant given the context of the Delta variant, as well as the aftermath of last year’s 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The exact number of cases resulting from the 2020 rally is still controversial, Widely regarded as a superspreading event (apart from Inadequate defense claims Opposition by South Dakota health authorities).

While incidents are increasing not only in Meade County, but throughout the state and country, there is increasing evidence that this year’s rally could soon be considered the same. After all, the Delta variant, which is currently predominant in the United States, is significantly more contagious than its predecessor.

“These viruses mutate,” says Weiland. Escaped from the state due to a pandemic and devastated Florida during a rally, Told the Daily Beast before comparing the rise of the variant with the cannibalistic murderer Jeffrey Dahmer.

“Jeffrey Dahmer was a mutation. It will get worse.”

— Report by Tom Lawrence, South Dakota

Methodology: A 7-day average case was used to calculate the 21-day rate of change of the reported cases. New York Times And the following formula: 21-day rate of change of the case = [(case count on August 24, 2021 in a given population) – (case count August 3, 2021, in a given population)] ÷ (Number of cases on August 3, 2021 in a specific population) × 100. Butte County and Charles Mix County used 0.5 cases reported on August 3, 2021 to calculate 3-week changes in cases. -Average number of cases on August 3, 2021.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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