The “Waterboy” actor beat and filmed a hostess in LA Koreatown after being denied entry because he wasn’t wearing a mask.

“”Waterboy (1998) actor Peter Dante is causing a meltdown at a Korean barbecue restaurant in Los Angeles after the server refuses to serve him because he isn’t wearing a mask indoors. I recently found.

The blasphemous explosion occurred on Monday night at the Quarters Korean BBQ in Koreatown, Los Angeles. TMZ.. Dante is said to have been trying to get a table at the restaurant when the hostess told him he wouldn’t be served because he wasn’t wearing a mask.

The most well-known actor who starred in the Happy Madison Productions movie with Adam Sandler in the 90’s was the hostess calling “garbage” and “c ** t”, “by the entrance”. There is a sign “No mask, no entry”.

“”You know you’re trash, right? Dante told the waitress, and witnesses were on the verge of tears during the incident. “Go back to school. Where is your boss? Yes, where is your boss? Bring your boss here now.”

Dante is allegedly faced with another Quarters Korean barbecue server while waiting for his manager. He eventually left the restaurant without being seated.

The actor’s recent explosion occurred just months after his September arrest, which allegedly threatened his neighbor with construction noise.According to Dante, he was arrested for intimidating a crime. Man.. He will put on bail of $ 50,000 and will appear in court on January 12.

Dante also said he would be expelled from a hotel in Los Angeles in 2013 after threatening black staff, dropping Sandler and Sugenite to a man’s house and assaulting them. Daily mail report. He is also reported to have used racial slurs during the incident.

The actor’s latest movie appearance was the 2021 comedy movie “Pizza Joint.”Dante Also part The work of “Grown Ups 2” (2013), played by Shaquille O’Neal, cast as Officer Dante, a partner of Officer Full Zoo.

Featured image via RD (left), TMZ live (correct)

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