The weather in Florida has been particularly mild these days.Here comes a violent storm warning

Florida is not a drought, but “Abnormal dryness“WKMG meteorologist Tom Sorrells observed.

But the state seems to want to do things in a flashy way. According to the National Meteorological Service, that could change this weekend.

Miami service warns of some dangers on Saturday, April 10th and Sunday, April 11th.

Due to the dryness of the past few weeks, there is an increased risk of fire weather on Saturdays. Not relevant, but the risk of rip currents along the beaches of Broward County and Palm Beach County is also high, the service warns: Dangerous weather outlook..

As cold fronts approach the region, heavy thunderstorms can also lead to heavy thunderstorms on Sundays in South Florida. It may be a funnel cloud.

However, CBS4 meteorologist Jennifer Corea is already tracking a “strong storm” on Saturday in Salient, Florida.

Pan handle flood warning, tornado clock

Indeed, by Saturday morning, it was raining about 4 inches in Pensacola and the weather service was Flash flood warning Until 11:45 am on Saturdays in southeastern Baldwin County, southern Escambia County, and Santa Rosa County.

A Tornado clock Issued by the National Weather Service until 2:00 pm on Saturday for parts of Tallahassee and the Big Bend area of ​​Panhandle, Florida.

According to the service, a heavy thunderstorm with a gust of 60 mph occurred at 10:55 am, worsening along the line from Chatafuchi to 10 mph west of Apalachicola, east at 40 mph. I was moving.

Gainesville has a heavy thunderstorm Saturday afternoon and evening, with an 80% chance of raining on Sunday.

Florida Sunday Storm

On Sundays, some actions are beginning to be seen in South Florida, Bradenton, and Orlando, with thunderstorms and rain chances ranging from 80% to 60%.

Heading south to the Florida Keys reduces the severity. Currently, there are no weather warnings from Key Lago to Key West, but Monroe County has a 50% chance of raining on Sundays.

For cold fronts, make sure that temperatures in the South Florida and Tampa Bay areas are in the late 70’s and highs are in the late 80’s and mid 80’s. Panhandle and Gainesville will be cooler, with minimum temperatures in the late 1950s and maximum temperatures in the 1980s.

According to the Meteorological Department, rain can last until Monday, with a 60% chance during the day and a 30% chance that it will dry again the rest of the week.