The website, run by “The Stupidest Man on the Internet,” helped facilitate Trump’s efforts to cancel democracy.


Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Getty

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Getty

According to the same period Justice Ministry Note Filmed at the end of Donald Trump’s tenure, the then president repeatedly accused the heads of federal law enforcement agencies directly and repeatedly to support the lies of fraudulent elections. But when they did not support his anti-democratic Crusaders, Trump relied on accusing his senior Justice Department officials of not being as extremely online as he was.

For starters, he blamed them for not reading the Gateway Pundit enough.

“You may not be following the internet like I am,” said then-President Trump in a telephone conversation on December 27, with Deputy Attorney Jeffrey Rosen and Deputy Attorney Richard Donald Trump. Told to. According to the recently released DOJ document..

During the months of Trump and the Republican Party, And sometimes deadly, A blitz to nullify President Joe Biden’s decisive victory in the 2020 elections, the 45th President of the United States and his allies argue with a lot of garbage information from the “Internet” and undisturbed conspiracy theory Consumed and backflowed. And one of the websites Trump specifically quoted is the super-right wing, Habitually wrong Gateway Pundit; The president was known to occasionally swing around printed pages of websites around the West Wing after the 2020 elections.

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Gateway Pandit’s small role in Trump’s efforts to weaponize the DOJ against the US election process is how the distrusted far-right media site pipelines the decision-making of the most powerful person on the planet at the time. It emphasizes how easy it was to establish. Also, this one website founded by a man is “The stupidest man on the internet— Succeeded in facilitating efforts that put the country on the verge of democratic burst.

According to a former Oval Office official and another person who is directly aware of the issue, what Trump holds a printed page of Gateway Pundit’s article in the Oval Office during the last few weeks of his presidency. I saw it again. The Oval Office. Former officials recalled a case where Trump handed them a printed page from a website.

“I didn’t really do anything about it,” a former employee told The Daily Beast. “I think I threw it away. Maybe I recycled it.”

During the last few months of the Trump administration, senior officials were accustomed to receiving suspicious material. Sometimes I personally explained to Trump himself, which was often completely abandoned or ignored. For example, in January, Trump’s friend and CEO of My Pillow, Michael Lindell, met a retiring president in an oval office and fraudulently elected Biden on page 6 about China and other foreign governments. I showed a conspiracy theory.

At the time, Lindel told The Daily Beast that he tried to share the document with other senior White House staff. Senior White House staff immediately dismissed the theory and barred him from seeing Trump again that day. However, Lindel told the then president in a brief meeting with the oval Trump that these documents were “On the internet.. “

However, other members of Trump’s inner circle were more obliged to utilize governmental institutions to pursue the strange internet-driven conspiracy theories that flowed into Trump’s horizons. In one notorious case, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told the Justice DepartmentItalian gateThe science fiction conspiracy theory, initiated by Trump supporters assuming an Italian military satellite, was somehow used to switch votes on American voting machines.

The Gateway Pundit was, as part, another part of how Trump was “following the Internet” for several days before writing down a note about a conversation with the Justice Department’s Supreme Justice Department. Just a week before the call, Trump absorbed the election coverage by Gateway Pundit and advertised it to his millions of followers.

One piece amplified by Trump in late December False allegations The assumption of a statistical anomaly in ballot counting in Arizona provides evidence of fraudulent elections.Gateway Pundit I used the wrong total Voters from all over the country participated in the 2020 elections, claiming that Biden and Trump had incredibly high votes.

former Game show Host too Hype Gateway Pundit’s work, including claims from a condemned forensic report, carried out as part of a proceeding to challenge Antrim County, a compilation of Michigan votes.

This site has been routinely cited and sued as a source of false information on a variety of topics. Twitter suspended its outlet account and its founder Jim Hoft’s account in February for spreading false alarms in the election. In November 2019, Wikipedia added the site to its list Unreliable source Which editor shouldn’t rely on? The site is famous for falsely accusing Democrats and Trump critics of defeating large-scale violence. Video Game Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida And at the 2017 White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville.The latter has his site filed a proceeding against Hoft False allegations A State Department diplomat “staged” an attack on anti-racist protesters. The proceedings are ongoing.

In the aftermath of the 2020 elections, the site was particularly close to the Trump campaign’s legal team as it tried to overturn Joe Biden’s victory. In early December 2020, Gateway Pundit Conspiracy-filled internal report The legal team of the Trump campaign mistakenly cast the Dominion voting system as a suspicious company associated with Venezuela.The report was sent to Trump’s legal team by Trump’s best trade adviser at the time, Peter Navarro, and former Trump’s legal team adviser Bernard Kerrick’s aide. I told The Daily Beast in March..

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