The website will start working again after a major corruption.

In this figure, the network cable hits the Fastly logo and then the other side is broken and torn.

In this figure, the network cable hits the Fastly logo and then the other side is broken and torn.

The massive outage affected many well-known websites such as Amazon, Reddit, and Twitch.

The UK Government website has also stopped, as does the Financial Times, Guardian and New York Times.

Fastly, the cloud computing provider behind many websites, says it’s behind the problem.

The company said it had a problem with its Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and was implementing a fix.

In the statement, “We have identified and disabled the service configuration that caused confusion across POPs (Points of Presence) around the world.

POP allows you to send content from globally distributed servers that are close to your end use.

“Our global network is back online.”

The problem started around 11:00 am on the BST and lasted for an hour. Other affected websites included CNN and streaming sites Twitch and Hulu. Due to this service outage, some other services, such as Twitter emoji, also stopped working.

After about an hour of downtime, the website also began to be restored.

It is designed to reduce website load times, protect against denial of service attacks, and assist websites when traffic peaks.

Currently, the problem seems to be localized. That is, certain locations in Europe and the United States are affected.

Other websites that have gone offline include:

  • PayPal

  • Shopify


  • HBO max

  • Vimeo

A few providers

Similar issues have affected Amazon Web Services and Cloudfare in the past. The other two giant cloud computing companies.

The tech site The Verge used Google Docs to publish the news, but forgot to limit who could write, leading to a series of interesting edits and tweets.

The hashtag “Internet Outage” quickly became a social media trend, with broken websites being discovered one after another.

This turmoil has led some to question the wiseness of putting many Internet infrastructures in the hands of several companies.

“This highlights the importance and importance of these giant hosting companies, and what they represent,” said Jake Moore, a cyber specialist at security firm ESET.

Adam Smith, a software testing expert at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, said the outage of the content delivery network “emphasized the growing ecosystem of complex and connected components involved in delivering Internet services. I have. “

“This is increasing the number of cases where multiple sites and services fail at the same time.”

Stephen Gilderdale, Senior Director of Dell Technologies, said such outages should occur occasionally, but are rare and short-lived.

“Cloud providers build redundancy for such events so that users can securely access duplicated copies of their data.

“In most cases, services are affected for a short period of time and data is easy to retrieve. Instead of raising concerns, it demonstrates the resilience of networks that can be recovered very quickly. “

It is estimated that even an hour of downtime can cost a company up to $ 250,000 (£ 176,000), and some lawyers believe it could result in a claim for compensation. ..

“Responsibility for loss of service may be covered by a service level agreement with a paid cloud service customer, but the contract usually does not cover all losses,” said Rebecca Parry, a professor at Nottingham Law School. There is none.

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