The White House denied Biden and warned Ukraine’s Zelensky that Kiev would soon be “dismissed” in the Russian invasion.

The White House National Security Council has denied reports that President Joe Biden warned Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky during a call that Kiev would soon be “dismissed” due to an invasion by Russian troops.

Emily Horn, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, went to Twitter on Thursday to dismiss alleged comments reported by CNN.

Horn retweet Position According to CNN’s National Security Correspondent Alexander Marcourt, citing Ukrainian officials.

“When the ground freezes, Russia’s invasion is almost certain. Biden told Zelensky … Kiev” could be fired “, Russian troops may try to occupy it.

But the horn Insisted The report was “not true,” and “President Biden said there was a clear possibility that Russians could invade Ukraine in February.”

“He had said this publicly before and we’ve been warning about this for months. Any further or different reports are completely wrong,” she added.

We also published the White House statement Regarding the call between Biden and the President of Ukraine, the President of the United States “emphasized the United States’ commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty,” and leaders “discussed coordinated diplomatic efforts on European security.”

Biden also “reaffirmed that the United States and its allies and partners are ready to respond decisively if Russia invades Ukraine further,” the White House statement said.

Ukrainian Embassy in Washington statement Some reports on the phone said it was “totally wrong.”

A spokesperson for Zelensky said the President of Ukraine “also encouraged careful handling of all information from unidentified sources at this time of the problem.”

On Thursday, Zelensky himself Sharing details Conversation with Biden on Twitter

“I had a long phone call with POTUS. I talked about recent diplomatic efforts on deescalation and agreed on joint action for the future. I thank President Byden for the ongoing military assistance. Possibility of financial assistance to Ukraine. Was also discussed. “

However, some lawmakers, including the Republican Bank (R-Ind.), Have demanded that Biden and the White House publish a complete copy of his call to Zelensky. Tell Fox News “I don’t know what was said on this phone.”

Last December, Russia refused to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance with Ukraine and other former Soviet countries, demanding that NATO members reduce their military deployments in Central and Eastern Europe. did.

Washington and NATO allies rejected Russia’s request, but instead made many proposals, claiming to be open to dialogue with Moscow on issues such as arms management, confidence-building measures, and restrictions on military exercises. did.

However, the Kremlin replied that “there is not much optimism” about the US authorities accepting the request.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters this week that “we cannot say that our considerations have been considered or that we have shown a willingness to take our concerns into account,” Vladimir Putin. -President Putin added that he would analyze the State Department’s response.

“Dialogue is always necessary, even if our views are the opposite,” he said.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also announced on Monday that the Pentagon had “strengthened” an army of 8,500 men to help defend NATO’s allies, but at this point a decision has been made to “deploy” the army. I haven’t. “

But Alexei Zaitsev, deputy spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, told reporters on January 27 that Russia considers the idea of ​​an armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia “unacceptable.” ..

“Our country likewise reiterates that no one intends to attack,” Zaytsev said. “We do not accept the very idea that our people could have a war with each other.”

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