The White House does not exclude “domestic travel” vaccine requirements: Spokeswoman

White House Deputy Press spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre said the government will impose COVID-19 vaccine requirements on domestic travel as the United States lifts the ban on non-mandatory travel for air and land travelers vaccinated on Monday. He said he would not rule out that.

When asked about the removal of restrictions on vaccination travelers to the United States from Monday, Jean-Pierre accused the government of considering extending vaccination requirements to domestic travel, but did not rule it out. rice field.

“So we always say this … everything is on the table,” she said, “we just have no announcement to preview this now.”

“So there’s nothing more to share about domestic travel,” said Jean-Pierre, an assistant to White House spokesman Jen Psaki. On October 31, Psaki tested positive for COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

It is not clear whether Jean-Pierre mentions mandating vaccine rules for domestic air travel, Amtrak travel, or other forms of land travel. The Transportation Security Administration and some other government agencies often refer to flights within the United States as “domestic travel” or “domestic air travel.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Website Regarding travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, “domestic travel” refers to all forms of travel within the United States, “delaying travel until fully vaccinated … not fully vaccinated and must travel. If so, it seems to recommend following the CDC. Recommendations for people who are not fully vaccinated. ”In addition, unvaccinated people wear masks on planes, trains and other public transportation. is needed.

A reporter’s question to Jean-Pierre came on Monday when the United States lifted a 20-month travel ban on all vaccinated international air travelers. Travel restrictions prohibited citizens outside the United States from traveling from dozens of countries, including India and most of Europe, and restricted entry from Mexico and Canada.

US border state lawmakers praised the move to lift unprecedented restrictions that harmed the economy of the community and prevented friends and family from visiting for 19 months.

“Since the pandemic began, members of our shared cross-border community have experienced the pain and financial difficulties of closing the border. The pain is about to end,” said Senate leader Chuck Schumer. (DN.Y.) stated in a statement.

“On behalf of the US travel industry: Welcome”, American Travel Association Written on twitter Monday morning. “Today is a monumental and long-awaited day for travelers, distant friends and family who can safely reunite with their loved ones.”

The Epoch Times contacted the Biden administration to clarify Jean-Pierre’s comments.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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