The White House is at the mercy of DeSantis’ threat of withholding salaries from school officials who require masks


White House spokesman Jen Psaki did not “preview” the administration’s plans to support the latest action against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ federal coronavirus guidance on Tuesday, instead of other local officials. I chose to emphasize “courage and boldness”. “Protecting students”

DeSantis threatened to withhold funds and salaries on Monday, following the latest guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if school staff and school districts choose to require masks for everyone in the school.

Florida school officials can lose salary beyond mask obligations

Pushing his announcement at a briefing on Tuesday, Pusaki said, “To call for the courage and boldness of many Florida leaders, including Miami-Dade County, to do the right thing to protect students and maintain school. People stepping up are safe and open. “

She added that the administration is “continuing to look for ways” to support local school districts that “follow science, do the right thing, and save lives.”

Saki also questioned why Florida’s school aid allocations included in the US Rescue Program have not yet been distributed to local districts.

“If you’re not interested in following public health guidelines to save the lives of people in your state, we’ll open this week in Florida to give parents some comfort when they send their children to school. “She continued. Then let the civil servants get out of the way and let local officials do the work to keep the students safe. “

Later in the briefing, Saki repeatedly sought ways to avoid similar actions from Desantis and other governors, but refused to “preview” such options.

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona vowed not to cut Florida education funding last week. That is because it will hurt students and deepen political disparities on this issue.

“After all, I want to work with Texas. I want to work with Florida. I want those students to be able to study directly,” he said at the time. “That is, after all, we are all together, and it is very important to talk directly with the governor.”

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You can see the entire White House briefing on Tuesday below.

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