The White House meets the 9/11 family’s request that Biden not attend the commemorative event


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Mike Lindell loses it when faced with the facts in a strange interview

Anderson Cooper 360 On Thursday, Cooper aired an interview between CNN investigative journalist Drew Griffin and MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell. Lindel made many claims of fraudulent elections, even claiming that former President Donald Trump had clear evidence that he had won the election, but he has not yet actually provided that proof. Hmm. Lindel claims to have spent millions of dollars on his futile quest to prove that the election was fraudulent, and Griffin wondered if Lindel was just fraudulent. .. “You could probably be a victim of fraud here,” Griffin said. “Why don’t you come to the symposium and make $ 5 million,” Lindel replied. “Are you worried about me? We need to give a hug. Are you worried about the old Mike? Oh, God blesses you.” But Lindel’s cheerful mood is short. did. “I’m worried that what you’re doing may accidentally or deliberately destroy trust in a legally elected President of the United States and contribute to real damage to the country.” Griffin said. Lindel vehemently denied saying bad things about Democrats and President Biden, and accused Griffin of lying.