The White House relocates Climate Change Report Coordinator Betsy Weatherhead under Trump

The White House has removed the experienced atmospheric scientist Betsy Weatherhead from the role of leading the US National Climate Assessment and reassigned her to the US Geological Survey. Washington post Report.. Weatherhead was in charge of the US Government’s definitive report on the effects of climate change by President Trump’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) director Kelvin Droegemeier last November. President Biden’s OSTP officials have decided to return her to the USGS. Position Report.

The appointment of Weatherhead has surprised many science policy experts, but is pleased because it accepts the scientific consensus that climate change is occurring and poses a serious threat to the planet and the economy. Include Position Report.. Despite her long experience in the field and mainstream views Position Weatherhead says it has clashed with other federal authorities in 13 agencies involved in the US Global Change Research Program that coordinates the report.

Weatherhead wanted to attract more authors from the private sector and increase the number of chapters on options for mitigating and adapting climate change, including more perspectives. Include Position To tell, And she also “historically has placed a great deal of emphasis on the transmission of scientific uncertainty.” Rich Sorkin, CEO of Juniper Intelligence, one of Weatherhead’s former bosses in the private sector, called her “one of the world’s experts on uncertainty,” which resonated with the Trump administration. I guessed it was.

The Biden administration has not yet selected a replacement for Weatherhead or a new director of the Global Change Research Program. Trump removed former director and career appointed Michael Kuperberg in November, Replaced him with David Regates, Those who reject the consensus on climate change. Not skeptical of climate change, Drogemier relocated Legate and another Trump political appointer, Ryan Maue, in January after contributing an unapproved treatise that casts doubt on climate change, and Biden takes office Both men resigned from the government a few days before.

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