The White House says people “overread” Biden’s sneaky response to Afghan questions

White House spokesman Jen Psaki defended President Joe Biden’s prickly Friday comment in response to his order to question the military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Reporters repeatedly pressured Biden on a timeline to eliminate all US troops by September 11 and questioned a president called “negative.”

“I want to talk about happiness, man,” he said. “It’s a holiday weekend. I’m celebrating it. Great things are happening.”

Biden’s bristles in Afghan drawdown question heading for the weekend of July 4th

Saki, who told reporters at a press conference on Friday, argued that the president’s reaction was “not related to Afghanistan.”

“What he was trying to say was that he was heading for the weekend of July 4, the weekend for his family, and the weekend for celebrating America,” she continued. “He was ready to answer the question.”

In the second half of the briefing, in response to a follow-up question about whether the president has Afghan malaise, Saki said, “People read a little too much about his response during the Q & A session entering the holiday weekend.

“He had already answered three questions about Afghanistan, but said this was the fourth question, and then he went ahead and answered some additional questions,” the spokesman added. “The President can no longer be proud of the men and women who have served for the past 20 years. He will take every opportunity to thank them for their service and to the families of the corrupt service members who have served bravely. .Afghanistan.”

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The entire Friday briefing is as follows:

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