The White House shoots Americans who may not want to have Afghan refugees in the United States


White House spokesman Jen Psaki said at a widespread press conference after the terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, some Americans, including lawmakers, may not want Afghan refugees to enter the United States.

“What we are working on is working closely with the governor, local governments and local leaders to see what our review process looks like and how the background check process looks before individuals come. To give a detailed explanation of what you can see. Enter the gates of the United States. ” “It’s a thorough background check process before they are allowed to come in and step on. US soil.”

ISIS claims responsibility for the Kabul explosion that killed 12 service members

“We also know that there are people in this country who don’t want people from other countries to come to the United States as refugees,” added a top spokeswoman for the White House.

“That’s the reality. We can’t stop or prevent it ourselves, but we’ve been communicating an intensive review process and working hard to do it behind the scenes. “She continued. “This is also part of the people we are part of the US organization.”

Later in the briefing, Saki revealed that he had not told President Joe Biden about raising the annual refugee cap to meet the demands of nearly 70 Democrats.

“What I tell you is [we] What we are trying to do is both our system and an incredible refugee group that welcomes refugees from all over the country and is working on the process and acquisition of dead refugee screening processes and systems around the world. So it’s about getting our muscles working again, “she replied. “But I haven’t talked to him about raising the cap above 125.”

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