The White House states that Biden’s allegations of sexual assault “broke a proceeding violently during the campaign.”


The White House Allegations of sexual assault When asked if he should face the same kind of sexual harassment investigation as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, he opposed President Joe Biden in “a fierce proceeding during the campaign.”

At a White House briefing on Wednesday, reporters told spokesman Jen Psaki that he was accused of assault by former Biden aide Tara Reed and improper skinny dips in front of a female Secret Service agent. Contact and behavioral complaints are “independent investigations.”

Biden snap of reporter question masks flip flops

“I think the president is clear and candid about the importance of women being respected, voiced, and women’s stories and respectful treatment,” Pusaki replied. “It has been his policy for a long time and continues to be his policy.”

Regarding Biden’s allegations, Mr. Pusaki said:

Biden was on Tuesday by fellow Democrat Kuomo Need to resign After an investigation by the Democratic Party’s chief prosecutor in New York, he concluded that the governor had sexually harassed women in violation of state and federal law. Biden suggested that Cuomo could eventually be prosecuted.

Most top Democrats, including Senate leader Chuck Schumer and New York junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, have asked Cuomo to resign. The Democratic-controlled state legislature is conducting an impeachment investigation.

Cuomo has denied allegations that he is a friendly person who likes to hug and kiss and has so far refused to resign. He will be reelected next year and it is still unclear if he plans to aim for the fourth term. His father, Mario Matthew Cuomo, was also the third governor of New York and a liberal icon.

Biden has long faced complaints that he is too physical and familiar with women, but Reed’s allegations are the first accusations of serious sexual misconduct against him.

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Biden served as Vice President for two terms, representing Delaware in the Senate for 36 years before becoming President earlier this year. He raised the treatment of women by former President Donald Trump as a matter of campaign.

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