The White House’s “misleading” border statement has been hijacked by human smugglers

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammati said drug cartel-backed human smugglers used messages from Biden administration officials to step up efforts to send people to the US-Mexico border.

“I don’t have anyone to make a decision here, but I think the message was confusing during the first few weeks of the Biden administration,” Jamatei said in an interview with MSNBC. “They were a compassionate message understood by the people of our country, especially the coyotes. [border smugglers] To tell the family, “We will take the children, they can enter, and when they get there, they can call their parents.”

“The message was confused because of the way it was translated, not the way it was communicated,” said Jamatty, a White House official.

Central American leaders said they were particularly concerned about unaccompanied children trying to travel to the U.S.-Mexico border in detailing the situation, some with the “prostitution network.” He added that it could result in other organized crime activities. He was not at the border itself, including a human smuggler dropping two young children on a 14-foot-high border ball and a six-month-old girl being thrown at a smuggler. He said there were cases of humanitarian activity and violence. Because it’s along the Rio Grande river.

“So a huge wave of unaccompanied children of immigrants begins. As soon as they cross the Mexican-US border, they fall into the hands of cartels for prostitution networks, etc., so that’s a concern. That’s what Jamatei said.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras
President Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras arrives on January 14, 2020 at the National Theater in Guatemala City, Guatemala, at the oath ceremony of the new President of Guatemala, Alejandro Jamatei. (MoisesCastillo / AP Photo, File)

Vice President Kamala Harris, tapped by President Joe Biden to lead the government’s immigration efforts, confirmed that she would travel to Mexico and Central American countries in the near future.

“The president asked [Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro] Mallorcus is working very hard to discuss what’s happening at the border and is showing some progress, “Harris told reporters Wednesday. “I was asked to lead the issue of addressing the root cause, as the Vice President at the time did many years ago.”

“I’ll tell you that these aren’t issues that will be addressed overnight,” Harris said.

It’s not clear when she will visit the US-Mexico border after the Republicans begged her to do so.

Border guard agents arrested 172,000 illegal immigrants in March, according to data released by the US Customs and Border Protection on April 8. Officials added that an additional 1,000 illegal immigrants are avoiding capture per day. According to data, border guards arrested about 101,000 people in February.

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