The wife of a U.S. Navy lieutenant imprisoned in Japan calls on lawmakers to take him home

The family of U.S. Navy Lieutenant Ridge Arconis, who was sentenced to three years in prison in Japan for a fatal car accident he was involved in last year, is calling on lawmakers and the White House to help take him home. ..

Brittany Arconis, the wife of a 34-year-old expert in undersea warfare and acoustic engineering, spent nearly seven years in Japan as a civilian volunteer and naval officer. Told Fox News On July 26, I contacted former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was appointed US Ambassador to Japan by President Joe Biden.

“So it was a phone call, but I think it was a good one,” she told the network, referring to her conversation with Emmanuel. “He has a good relationship with President Biden and I hope that relationship will lead to my husband’s return.”

Along with Emmanuel, Senator Mike Leigh (R-Utah) also called for the release of Arconis, stating that the naval officer’s case was “there is no way for friendly nations to treat friendly nations.”

“I can’t forgive that an American who has experienced a medical emergency should be treated very poorly by the Allies he protects,” Lee said. rice field.

“Clearly, Japan’s judicial system seeks to set an example for Lieutenant Alconis due to the history of the SOFA conflict,” he added. “He is targeted because he is an American and because he was in an unfortunate position to suffer a tragic medical emergency.”

“We are deeply concerned about the Japanese government’s treatment of Lieutenant Ridge Alconis,” said Mike Levin, D-Calif. [and his case]He added that his office is working with the Pentagon to support the Arkonis family.

Mike Leigh
Senator Mike Leigh (R-Utah) said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on June 16, 2020 at the Senate Office Building in Washington, “Use of Power and Community Relations by Police.” I will ask you a question. (Tom Williams / CQ Roll Call / Pool)

“I’m not going to give up Lieutenant Alconis, and the Pentagon shouldn’t give up,” he said.

In May 2021, Arconis suddenly lost consciousness in the car after hiking and sightseeing on Mt. Fuji with his family. They climbed part of the mountain and returned to their car for lunch and ice cream.

Arconis said his family suddenly grabbed the steering wheel and lost consciousness while talking to his seven-year-old daughter. He was very far from it, they say, neither the cry for his daughter to awaken him nor the impact of the clash caused him.

While he was incapacitated, the car turned to a parked car and a pedestrian in the parking lot, attacking an elderly woman who later died and her son-in-law. After the crash, he was arrested by Japanese authorities, held in a prison cell for 26 days in a police detention facility, questioned multiple times a day, treated and evaluated, according to a statement of facts provided by a family spokesman. There wasn’t.

Arconis was charged with negligent driving, died and sentenced to three years in prison last October. This charge can result in up to 7 years in prison in Japan. He appealed to the case.

According to English court records obtained by the Associated Press, the judge was skeptical of the allegations of altitude sickness and was drowsy after driving in the mountains in the first statement from Alconis to police. Said he felt.

The neurologist eventually diagnosed him with acute altitude sickness. This can cause sudden fainting up to 24 hours after a sudden vertical migration.

However, a Japanese prosecutor and the judge who ruled him thought that Arconis was suffering from mild altitude sickness, but it is hard to imagine that he suddenly became helpless without feeling drowsy at all. Said.

Meanwhile, the family of Arconis Told Fox News In June, their son promised to offer the victim’s family a customary “sorry” or apology and paid a record $ 1.65 million “sorry” settlement. However, naval officers were still convicted.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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