The wife of the murdered President Haiti said she survived the attack because she thought the assassin had already killed her.


Martine Mo & # xef; se in a black hat speaks on the microphone

Martine Moise spoke for her husband at a funeral and killed President Moise in Haiti. ALERIE BAERISWYL / AFP via Getty Images

Haiti’s assassinated president’s wife said she managed to survive because she was still lying on the floor during the attack, and Hitman thought they had killed her.

Jovenel Moise was assassinated at home on July 7. Wife Martine Moise was shot in the arm, Dangerous condition Immediately after the attack.

She interviewed New York Times, Published on Friday.

She said that when the murderer left, a flashlight was shining in her eyes, checking if she was still alive. “When they left, they thought I was dead.”

She said her husband was shot dead by her in the bedroom. “All I saw before my husband was killed was boots. Then I closed my eyes, but I couldn’t see anything else.”

She said she woke up her two children and told them to hide in the bathroom when the shooting began. The children survived the attack.

Haiti detained people from Haitians and Haitian Americans, as well as Colombia. However, the Times points out that critics need to raise money for those who do it.

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