The Winter Olympics cast a shadow over athlete dissatisfaction

Winter Olympics overshadowed athlete complaints-

The Winter Olympics cast a shadow over athlete complaints-there’s “suspicious” food in it-AFP

Unbearable sub-zero temperatures, lack of hot food, and Covid’s quarantine hell-The Beijing Winter Olympics may only be two days old, but athletes are already frustrated.

Hold a global event Olympic size in a tightly closed loop It was always going to be difficult-even super-efficient Japan chose a semipermeable bubble life to stop the pandemic in Tokyo for the summer edition six months ago.

But this time it ’s a Chinese road or a highway. -Literally, otherwise there is a danger of traveling with you to the nearest quarantine-and the system is already ruining athletes and countries as well.

Certainly, there are some things that the host is out of control. Cold conditions occur in the areas of the Winter Olympics, and International Ski Federation (FIS) rules only stop competitions when temperatures drop below -20 ° C, taking into account the air-cooling factor. not.

On Sunday, the Swedish delegation pleaded for a cross-country skiing event scheduled to soothe European television viewers in the late afternoon and evening to better protect athletes. Skier Frida Karlsson trembles and complains at the end of a woman’s 7.5km + 7.5km ski athletics at the National Cross-Country Center in Zhangjiakou Mountain, 130 miles northwest, feeling “completely empty”. It was the day after I saw it. Beijing. The temperature was about -13 ° C and there was no wind chill.

Meanwhile, the strong winds that postponed the men’s downhill at the Enkei Alpine Ski Center would not have offended the German team accustomed to such frequent events in skiing, but another problem caused their anger. rice field.

“It’s very suspicious because catering isn’t catering at all,” said German director Christian Schweiger. “I was hoping that the Olympic Commission could serve a hot meal. There are only potato chips, nuts and chocolate.”

And this was all before the Covid-specific complaints.

Since January 23, more than 350 game participants, including dozens of athletes, have tested positive when they arrive in the Chinese capital. The Covid threat is constantly imminent. British cross-country skier Andrew Young (currently in Beijing, but unable to escape the virus despite crouching in the Norwegian mountains) was positive in China even before he entered the country. Show and head to a dedicated quarantine hotel via an ambulance to the asymptomatic athlete being escorted.

People with symptoms have even less choice-it goes straight to the hospital.

To get all kinds of releases, you need to pass a rigorous protocol that includes two negative Covid tests at 24-hour intervals.

Polish short track speed skating player Natalia Marijevska was finally returned to the Olympic Village. Before being told that there was a mistake in another quarantine spell that excluded her from Saturday’s 500-meter heat.

“People took me out of the room at 3am. It was horrible this night. I was dressed in bed and slept because I was afraid that someday someone would put me back in isolation. Unfortunately, they were wrong. “” For me, this is a big joke. My heart and heart can’t accept this anymore, “she added.

Employees disinfect surface at Beijing 2022 Main Media Center-Getty Images

Employees disinfect surface at Beijing 2022 Main Media Center-Getty Images

Australian mixed doubles curlers Her game ended on Sunday and she was told that her return flight was booked after the test was positive again.

“I was buzzing in my bag and tearing my clothes from the left, right, and center,” said Tari Gil. “I played with just one glove-and that was the wrong thing.” Australia’s first Olympic curlers, Gil and Dean Hewitt, showed a remarkable turnaround, not only in Switzerland but also in Canada for the first time. I won in.

Others weren’t so lucky. Russian biathlon player Valeria Vasnetsova detailed her quarantine experience on Instagram. “I have a stomachache, it’s very pale, and I have a big black circle around my eyes. I want to finish all this. I cry every day. I’m very tired,” she writes.

German delegation Dirk Simmelpfennig claims that the quarantine room of three-time Olympic Nordic combined champion Eric Frenzel is “unacceptable” and the Finnish ice hockey player Marco Antila’s team is quarantined for no reason. Said that it has been.

“From a medical point of view, we know that these people are no longer infectious and are not at risk to other teams,” said Finnish doctor Marlit Waltonen. “These isolation decisions are not medical or scientific, but more cultural and political.”

In response, the IOC statement said, “I feel all athletes unable to compete due to Covid-19 infection. A protocol has been introduced to ensure a safe Olympic Games for all.

“All cases are fully controlled according to the adjustments made to the rules and protocols described in the playbook.”