The woman claims to have been “repeatedly raped” by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in front of her son

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Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged new victim claimed she had been repeatedly raped by financial firms, Ghislaine Maxwell In front of her son, she threatened to be “thrown by a crocodile” when she raised her voice.

The allegations filed last week against Epstein’s property in the US District Court for Southern Florida are part of a recent allegation of abuse against Ms. Maxwell and her ex-boyfriend.

Women use Jane Doe’s pseudonym to protect their identities, including rape, sexual trafficking, sexual abuse, physical assault, physical disconnection, mental distress, blackmail, intimidation, fraud, deception, and misrepresentation. I blame the couple in a civil suit.

When Ms. Maxwell was attacked by two people, a new claim was born. More accusations by New York prosecutors Like them Expanded the scope of their investigation For British socialists.

Maxwell, 59, denied the criminal accusation. Her lawyer, Laura Menninger, did not respond to a request for comment on the latest Doe’s allegations. Epstein’s property lawyer did not.

Media mogul and youngest scammer, Ghislaine Maxwell, Robert Maxwell-Getty

Media mogul and youngest scammer, Ghislaine Maxwell, Robert Maxwell-Getty

According to court documents seen by The Telegraph, Doe worked as a real estate broker and beautician at the time of the alleged abuse in early 2008.

A Turkish-born woman living in the United States claims in court documents that she was introduced to Epstein by her boss in 2007. She says she’s trying to buy real estate in the Florida area and says she asked after her service.

She later claims to have met Ms. Maxwell, who introduced herself as “G Max,” at a barbecue with Epstein. She immediately “began an extended effort of persuasion and grooming” to get Ms. Maxwell to work for Epstein.

She finally agreed in January 2008, claiming she was raped by a millionaire “with the help of Maxwell” when she visited Epstein’s house on Palm Beach later that month. ..

She tells them she intends to report rape and says she tried to escape.

Doe says Ms. Maxwell said she had already called the police in response. According to the proceedings, two men claiming to be police officers arrived at Epstein’s mansion, arrested Doe for prostitution, took his son away, and threatened to deport him.

The couple then took her to the lake, took her out of the car, and told her in clear detail that she would reach this area and be devoured, as it happened to other girls in the past. If by a crocodile she reveals what Epstein did to her. “

She then picked up her eight-year-old son and said she checked in at a hotel in Naples, Florida. There, “For several days, Epstein and Maxwell all repeatedly raped and sexually abused the plaintiffs in front of her. Son.”

The lawsuit said Epstein forced the woman to hold “burner phones, wires, and other electronics that Epstein was trying to hide from law enforcement disclosures.”

Epstein has been accused of holding her passport and threatening to deport her and her family if she is made public.

“Epstein emphasized personal connections with many strong stakeholders within the legal system and elsewhere,” said court documents, including the FBI and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Authority (ICE). I will.

During the next five months, Doe claimed to have been trafficked by many of Epstein’s peers, including an unnamed local judge.

Doe, who looked much younger than 26, claims he was told to tell a man that he was 17. In May 2008, Epstein said she had forced her to undergo vaginal reconstruction surgery. According to the proceedings, the “Russian accent” “gives the false impression that she is the virgin of a” well-known “client.”

The proceedings allege that the procedure cut her off and permanently damaged her.

A woman in a devout Muslim family in Turkey was worried that the incident would embarrass her family.

Her lawyer said she lived for fear of alleged Epstein threats until she learned that Epstein had died in the summer of 2020. “

She is currently suing the property of the deceased lender to compensate for the “mental and physical distress” she is suffering from.

The accusation is one of the latest made against the pair. Epstein was arrested for prostitution in June 2008. He was sentenced to 13 months in prison..

he Suicide at age 66 in a Manhattan prison Cell in August 2019 while waiting for a trail of individual sex trafficking fees.

Epstein’s property was used to create a fund that would provide hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation to victims of his sexual abuse. The fund has received over 175 claims.

Maxwell, 59, is currently in a federal prison in Brooklyn, New York, awaiting trial on suspicion of sexual trafficking. On Monday, the prosecutor expanded the proceedings against her and added a fourth woman’s allegations to the indictment. She has appealed to the US Court of Appeals to overturn her third bail denial.